The Foundation for Economic Education and Christian Leaders Institute are partnering to provide free, high-quality training for Christian Leaders Institute students and graduates. Christian Leaders Institute looks for partnerships with organizations that seek to glorify God in every area of life. This partnership will be foundational for our desire to help local Christian leaders excel in providing for their families whatever their income-earning situation is.

The Foundation for Economic Education was founded in 1946 by Leonard E. Read to study and advance the freedom philosophy. Today, Dr. Lawence Reed heads up this organization. CLI appreciates how Dr. Reed sees economics seeking to let free people be allowed to live out the “cultural mandate” of Genesis 1:28.   Reed believes that “character” is core to economics. Check out one of his presentations Liberty and Character.   Watch Dr. Reed as he was interviewed in a segment by John Stossel of FOX news. 

Christian Leaders Institute is praying about introducing a Christian Enterprise Program of Study in the future years, depending on whether the Lord provides the funds, partnerships, and professors. We believe this program of study could impact millions of lives. The Foundation for Economic Education and CLI are now partnering with a core economic class as a first step toward a complete Christian Enterprise program of study. We prayerfully intend to develop Christian Enterprise classes grounded in a vivid Christian world and life view.

One of the things Christian Leaders Institute likes about the Foundation for Economic Education is their commitment to offering free, high-quality training, especially to young people, mentors, and teachers. Dr. Lawence Reed and CLI president Henry Reyenga share the common passion of bringing education to leaders everywhere. Reyenga believes that this partnership will help Christian leaders be more effective in their lives and ministry. Reyenga wants to bring this wealth of economic to the Christian Leaders Institute audience that includes all ages from young to old. Their material fits well with our vision of making difficult concepts understandable.

The Foundation for Economic Education is located in Atlanta, Georgia. FEE provides free events available in various parts of the United States. Click this link to find out more.  


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