Hi, my name is Johan du Plessis. I am 24 years old and currently living in South-Africa.

Ministry in South-Africa is challenging in South-Africa. There are a lot of religions, and is free to practice as each person sees fit. I feel that a high percentage of Christians in South-Africa are caught in a “traditional church” system. Witchcraft is also very popular among the local African people, however this serve as an environment where people can see and experience God through fellow Christians.

I have started my relationship with God at the age of 21, a few years after the divorce of my parents. Before this, I was living fully in the world, but was always searching for something more, until I met Jesus one Sunday morning.

My ministry dream is to focus on the youth. To reach teenagers who are going through the same trails I had gone through, and lead them to Christ. This is also the category I identify with most. I feel that I have a great connection with the youth will serve the Lord most sufficient in this area.

The day I fully gave my life to Jesus Christ, my plans fully changed as well. I now live to serve Him. I strongly feel that I am called into ministry to be a tool for the work of God the Father, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

My local church supports me in my ministry calling, and the Leader of our church is also my mentor.

I am the middle child of three. I have two sisters who love and serve the Lord dearly. During our parents divorce we grew very tightly and were introduced to the Lord in approximately the same time. This is mostly because during this time, my mother kept on pursuing God, despite the difficult time we went through as a family. However today, 7 years later, my father and mother are reunited. With my father being born again, and baptized at the age of 51, this is one of the great miracles that happened in my family, and give the Lord all praise for He is good, always!

As a law student, specializing in Labor Law, I will benefit from the scholarship program from CLI, as post degree studies are quite expensive, and doing two courses without the CLI scholarship at once will not be financially possible.

CLI can pray that the Lord will protect and guide me in all my ways. As serving other people and winning them over for God is the ultimate in life.

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