Ministry Service Education

Blessings all! My name is April Pou, originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA. I’m a southern girl with a love of food and the outdoors. Somehow, I ended up in Sioux City, Iowa. I also ended up at the Christian Leaders Institute for my ministry service education (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here).

My Beginnings

Raised Jehovah’s Witness, I received the love of studying the Bible from that denomination. Eventually, I strayed because the doctrine didn’t feel right when I was in my late teens. I stumbled about in the darkness and ended up in prison. God came to me. He had never moved or changed, I had. And… He still came to me, even there, in prison. I got saved and began my backsliding, prodigal journey.

Ministry Service Education at CLI

Now, I need this ministry service education training at CLI to be prepared to answer my call of service to God’s people. I have basically read the entire Bible, and my thirst and zest are to know more. My call is to educate, empower, and expose people to God. Therefore, I need to be adequately prepared.

I achieved an Associate’s degree and am just shy of a Bachelor’s in business. However, the time spent wandering in my youth lead me in and out of college. I racked up student loans. Therefore the free ministry training offered here at Christian Leaders Institute is my only option to pursue a ministry education. A scholarship to the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School would be wonderful as it would help me become the leader I am called to be. Unfortunately, I am not in a financial situation to afford college tuition. The daily expenses of my family are often barely and supernaturally met. But, I know I am called to do great works for God. I can’t do that without a foundation and an education.

My dream as a Christian leader is to SERVE. I want to minister to the poor and form a church of forward-thinking, active millennials who want to be the living sacrifices Christianity needs today. With the call and the desire, all I need is an education in the Word. With some formal education, I am a decent speaker and a strong writer. I can deliver the message but I need CLI to help me develop as a Christian leader with biblical knowledge and wisdom.