Mission Ministry Education

Hi, I am a student of LAMP, an organization in Sri Lanka for education, including Christian studies. I was fortunate to enroll in Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) mission ministry education (Learn more about online Bible courses, Click Here) through LAMP.  I thank God for the opportunity.

Born to devoted Christian parents, I grew up in a Christian home. But in my life, I went through many challenges from experiencing deaths, sicknesses, and financial difficulties. So, in my youth life, I completely walked away from the path of Salvation. But, praise God, He was so loving and merciful to accept me back into His family in 2010.

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What God Expects From Me

Since then, God is calling me to help the needy and suffering (Matthew 25:35-36). Therefore, I am to build myself up as a good steward for His kingdom (Genesis 2:15) with a mission ministry education at Christian Leaders Institute. God has entrusted me to be a steward of a social entrepreneurial mission. I am to share His love with society and the marketplace. This mission is called SALT – Social Alliance for Love and Trust.

I thank my Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, for His blessings. I also thank my parents, family, mentors, and everyone who had been helping me to grow in spirit and character. As a result, today, I live free in every area of my life (Proverbs 22:4). I have three adorable children: Rovein, Ruvin, Shahendri, and an awesome wife named Roshelle who sacrificially supports me.

I pray that those who read this note, the staff and students of CLI and LAMP, will grow in God’s grace. Even to go further and share God’s Love with every single person.