Ministry Mission

My Ministry Mission Journey

I am Francis Igbru from Rivers State, Nigeria, and I have a ministry mission. Although Nigeria is a multi-religious country where 50% are Christians dominating the southern region where am from, up north Christians are being persecuted and murdered for their faith.

My Youth and Conversion

I grew up in a Catholic background, where I spent my early life. I stopped going to a formal church setting for many years in my teenage and young adult years. While in college, I met my wife, Dafiri, who came from a good Christian upbringing. After meeting her, a change started that took some time to manifest. I became more committed to attending church services on campus, which was a missing piece in the puzzle of my life. However, in all this new commitment, I was also a member of a dreaded secret cult on my campus.

Something happened one day when I went for a joint campus fellowship meeting on another campus. I knew we had rival cult groups there that might want to harm or even kill me if someone identified me. That day, I sat in between windows using the brick wall as a shield to prevent passersby from seeing me while the meeting was going on. I heard a voice in my heart asking where is the protection I thought I had in being a member of a cult group. I saw how empty my life was without Christ. That day, I made up my mind to give my life to Christ without an altar call. In the service, I sensed the call of God Almighty.

Thank God, I responded! I told myself if I should die, let me die knowing the Lord. After that encounter, there was this boldness I received. I was free to fellowship with other brethren in that meeting.

Ministry Mission Training at CLI

My dream is to communicate the very life of God to believers and unbelievers so that they will know of the love of God in Christ Jesus. I am still pondering on how I stumbled on the Christian Leaders Institute. For me, it brought a new light to my journey in ministry mission. After finishing the first course, I long for another. Thank you guys for making us fulfill our calling as able ministers of the Gospel through quality teachings, study materials, and practical experience from various facilitators and writers of the materials and classes.

Learn about ordination with Christian Leaders Alliance.

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