Free Bible Education Opportunity

Free Bible Education Opportunity

My name is Tracy, and I am excited about the free Bible education opportunity at CLI. I am from Tennessee. I live in the “Bible Belt” of the United States of America with a church on every corner. Growing up in a Christian household meant going to church three times a week and following set rules and standards to reflect our beliefs. My parents were involved in a gospel singing group, so we were traveling to different churches sharing the gospel.

At the age of eight, I accepted Christ as my Savior in our church after the Sunday evening service. I felt like that was what I was supposed to do. I always learned about the ABC’s of salvation as if it is expected of me to do. So, I still went to church every week, prayed, and read my Bible.

As I got older and we came off the road, we settled into our home church. During my teen years, I stayed true to my beliefs and did not stray from them even when temptation came around. It was during that time I was close to the Lord. I dedicated myself to be true to myself and the Lord.

Wandering and Restoration

After high school, I started college which came with all new challenges. Temptations were more present than ever. During those few years, I drifted from the Lord. I found myself skipping church every now and then, praying less, and rarely spending time in the Bible. I allowed the world to take a part of me I had dedicated to the Lord and my Christian walk. Even surrounded by so many people, I never felt so alone. The problem was I surrounded myself with the wrong people.

Then I met my husband, and he was my saving grace. He grew up the complete opposite of me. He did not grow up in a very Christian home. They went to church on holidays and that was about it. He decided to go to the Christian college where we connected. He found the Lord, then me, and he helped restore a part of me I thought was gone forever. I felt like God would never love me the same or have a relationship with me after turning away from him a little bit.

Then it all came together. One night, the Lord spoke to me and said: “My love for you will never fail.” As I cried, I realized I may have turned away, but God never did. He never left my side. I felt completely renewed. Since then, I attend church regularly, I spend more time in prayer, and I set aside time to work on my spiritual walk.

Free Bible Education Opportunity at CLI

Now, studying at Christian Leaders Institute gives me the opportunity to grow even more in my walk with Christ. Also, education at CLI helps me discover what works in my community and my church. I am so thankful Jesus loved me even when I did not love myself. His love never fails. Now, He has led me to this free Bible education opportunity at CLI.

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