Ministry Life Training

Ministry Life Training

My name is Viktoriya Gromova, and I am receiving ministry life training at CLI. I currently live in the United States of America in Washington state. I was born in Russia in 1986. My family and I moved to this state at the end of 2008. I am from a Christian family of 9. I was attending the church since I was a little girl. Here in the states, there’s no persecution, so it is easy to do the ministry. It’s not easy to find enough time with the schedules we all have here.

The Lord touched me for the first time during the prayer night when I was 12 years old. I was baptized with the Holy Spirit. Because I have three kids, I feel it’s the right area for me to be in a kids’ ministry. I want our kids’ ministry to be like a loving family where they can trust, learn how to serve the Lord and each other.

This first class showed me a lot of different areas that I didn’t know. How important it’s to have a mentor, how to be a mentor, and how to overcome the temptations while you a leader. I see myself as a youth pastor. Maybe a pastor in the future. The key experience that prompted me to find and study at Christian Leaders Institute is that I want to be an effective and knowledgeable leader.

My church is very supportive of me and my ministry dream. They are pleased I am studying at Christian Leaders Institute to be a pastor. My family is supportive of me too. I love my family roles as wife to my husband and mother to my kids. To be an example of a praying, loving, serving, and supportive mother and wife is crucial to me.

This free ministry training online is very important because without it I would not be able to get the ministry training and biblical education I need. Thank you, CLI, for this opportunity!

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