Bible Education Call

Bible Education Call

What A Mighty God We Serve!

Hello, my name is George DeWitt and I live in the United States. I was born in Baltimore, Maryland on September 8, 1967, and am 51 years young now. I have answered the Bible education call I felt in recent years.

I grew up in foster homes going from one home to another so I didn’t have much religion when I was young. I was put in the foster system when I was one year old and my sister was two years old. They separated us when we got in there although we still had meetings to see one another. When I was 12, I was able to go back home to my mother. They pretty much could not control me. I grew up to be a young man living the way I wanted to with a bad drinking problem.

I was asked time and time again to come to church, so I finally gave in and went. I sat down in the back of the church. I was not really listening when I was overshadowed by something I never felt or knew before. I remember the preacher preaching about the old rugged cross and how a man named Jesus left His heavenly home to take my place and pay a price He didn’t owe. Because of His blood, we can be washed white as wool. I heard that when He died, his body was put in a grave and then three days later He rose and won the victory. What a mighty God we serve! Anyway, the Holy Spirit started dealing with me, and I gave my heart and life to Jesus.

I have been saved now for 25 years. I started teaching Sunday school, then I was a deacon of the local church, and then God called me to be a Pastor. I have been preaching for 21 years and did some jail ministry as well. I went to Mexico on a mission trip and three times to Jamaica. I have had many opportunities to serve. I have been pastoring for seven years now in the mountains I love in North Carolina.

One day about six years ago, I got cancer in my throat. It was stage 3 and I had radiation and chemo, and I’m still here by the Grace of God. The enemy tried to destroy me, but God is in control!

I have done these few things and I wanted to get more education. I have a desire to study, in fact, I love to study. I have been so blessed in my Bible education call with Christian Leaders Institute. Thank you so much, I love and believe in your ministry.

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