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My name is Peter Verhelst, and I am receiving free ministry leadership training at CLI. I live in Manitoba, Canada. I was born in the Netherlands, and I lived there with my family until I was nine years old. At that time, my father moved us out of that country to escape his sexual past. I started school in Canada in the third grade, learning a new language in the process. While yet in the old country at the tender age of seven or eight, my mother showed me my baby sister’s privates and explained how they would develop. I struggled with a life of sexual sin after that.

That life of sin prevented me from understanding God’s grace in Jesus Christ. Even though I went to my church and heard the gospel preached, it never touched me. So, I went looking for peace of mind in other venues. In my adult life, I sought preachers who could explain the gospel to me.

Over the years, I received help from the different pastors God sent me. I now know and embrace the saved status that God has given me because of Christ’s accomplishments (Colossians 1:22). Since then, I am finally able to deal with my sexual urges as well. Praise His holy name!

Prison Ministry Opportunity

Years ago, my former pastor took me along to a prison ministry. On our first time, he told me this one was a free go. I asked him what that meant?! He said I was allowed to see how things were done and the next time I would have to present a message. The rest is history. I have been going since 2002.

Recently, we have added a Bible study every Thursday evening at the prison. The prisoners come, and we reflect on a passage of Scripture for about an hour. This study time has become such an abundant blessing to the inmates. When we meet them on the outside, they tell us how much they miss the Thursday evening Bible study. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

With adding the Bible Study, I wanted to be more knowledgeable as a leader. I am thankful that I found the Christian Leaders Institute. Now, I study the ministry leadership training for free. I can grow in my biblical knowledge and as a leader in ministry opportunities.


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