Ministry Education for my call

My name is Samuel Sunday Mbek. I’m blessed to receive ministry education for my call at the Christian Leaders Institute. I’m from Nsit Ubium in Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria. I’m a diploma holder in audio technology and music theory. I reside in Lagos state.

My Early Church Experience

I had an unstable childhood, which limited my knowledge of God. I hated attending church so much that even when my father tried to force me to go, I went to play football on those Sunday mornings. This behavior went on for years. Why? Possibly because I first stayed with my grandmother, who was not a church person but did attend occasionally. However, I moved to stay with my dad in another town, and he was the church type. It was difficult for me to adjust to this new way of life. My father forced me to go to church. Then, finally, I made up my mind to obey my father.

When I started going to the house of God, I discovered that I found peace. My interest developed more by the day. It made me want to know who God is because the whole thing was strange to me. I decided to serve God as a worker in the church in the music department. This decision prompted me to learn the piano, so I could play and find fulfillment.

Persecution and Salvation

After I made my commitment to the work of God, I was tormented and denied by the same person who forced me to attend church. But why? I realized then that there was a purpose for me in ministry. I love music, and playing the piano in the house of God fulfilled me. First, I had to take extra steps to learn and develop my skills amid the persecution I received from my father and stepmother. It went on for years until I made up my mind to serve God for the rest of my life. Then, in 2003, I gave my life to Christ in my local assembly.

Fighting My Calling to Ministry

After my surrender to Christ, I realized that I have a calling on my life. The ministers of God in the ministries I served in also confirmed it. Was I ready to go into ministry? No! I fought it since I didn’t want to be a Pastor. I wanted to play the piano, and that was all for me.

The battle continued. Though it kept coming, questions arose in my mind. Finally, my fiancé asked me, “Why don’t you answer your call?” She also said, “All you need to do is accept it and then go to a Bible school where you can acquire more knowledge about God. The Holy Spirit will lead you.” That activated the inner peace in me, and I was ready to go for it.

Ministry Education for My Call at CLI

God used her to compel me to answer my call. She also registered me at the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) for ministry education for my call. I was excited when she told me about it, and fulfillment came from within me. I know that CLI is the place I want to be. I’m glad that this training will improve my personal, spiritual, and ministry life going forward. With hard work and prayers, success is possible.

Furthermore, CLI, being a free ministry school, will give me an edge to be able to attain my Bachelor Certification. CLI will also help me build my ministry, lead people, and aid growth and development for my local assembly. I appreciate everyone putting efforts together to make this a success. God bless you all.

Learn more about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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