Ministry Education Dream

Ministry Education Dream

My name is Linette Mitchell and I have a ministry education dream. I live on the East Coast of the United States of America. I came to know that Jesus was truly Lord and Savior a few weeks after my father passed away in 1999. He would tell me about Jesus and ask me to watch televangelists with him, and I would laugh and refuse. After I found him lifeless in bed and went through all the funeral arrangements, I found myself alone in his home (my childhood home) with my three girls. Scared and full of grief, I cried out, “I don’t want this life anymore… what do I do?” I was answered immediately, “Jesus!” I thought I was dreaming and I heard the voice again, “Jesus.” I dropped to the floor and said, “My Lord! You, Jesus, are real!” And that was the beginning of my walk with God. I was so rebellious, my friend said, “The Lord had to save you like Paul because I kept kicking against the pricks.”

My ministry dream or the vision the Lord has given me is my 28-year career as well as leading/mentoring for the Kingdom all tied together. I am working toward opening bakeries, which I have already investigated employee benefits, a peaceful and safe work environment, creating jobs for the underprivileged and continuing to serve our community. My husband and our 6 girls have been active in MBK Outreach (My Brother’s Keeper Outreach,) our family was lead by God to start this ministry, we serve the homeless community, work to keep our neighborhood safe and look for ways to build up the urban environment we live in.

The Christian Leaders Institute class thus far has blessed me in a way, I was not expecting. I am an ordained Pastor, unfortunately, I didn’t complete my seminary schooling. In my ministry education dream, I have been looking for years online for courses that would help me grow, stretch, rekindle the fire and walk closer with the Lord. Just these few introductory courses with CLI opened my eyes more, searched my heart, and reminded me why God called me to this walk in the first place. We all have a season where we need to be reminded, that it’s not in our own strength that we will finish this course, but by the Spirit of the Lord!

I identify with the word Pastor. The key experience in my life that prompted me to pursue ministry was the Lord reminding me of how my earthly father spent his last days trying to tell me about the Love of my Heavenly Father. The Lord used my father’s life and death to pull me close to him. The Lord moved me from my childhood home to an area that may not be considered a place many would have desired to move to, the neighborhood has a lot of vandalism, drug dealing, etc. going on. Yet the Lord has used us (my family) to look at the building up of the community through His eyes.

Reading the Word of God and seeing the power of the Holy Spirit in my life and those around me is something words can not explain. I know we all have a testimony, but I can not pick out just one miraculous event the Lord has done through His word for me. They are too numerous.

The scholarship at CLI is so important to my ministry dream and my ministry education dream because the desire to learn and grow in my relationship with the Lord is my main objective. We lead and mentor by example. In January the Lord led me to shut down my social media pages, I started fasting and praying. After my fast was over I came across CLI online. I believe this is the will of God for this season of my life. I feel blessed and thankful to be a part of this Spirit-led learning institution.

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