Educational Ministry Journey

Educational Ministry Journey

My name is David West and I am on an educational ministry journey at Christian Leaders Institute. I am a single, divorced father currently working in the hospitality industry. Though I have four children, only my youngest daughter lives with me since all are over eighteen now. Over the years, I have spent much time in technology with various support roles as a volunteer in churches, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and the Red Cross.

Being the youngest of two children born into a Roman Catholic family, the church was initially a priority. After my parents divorced, we became more Christmas and Easter only members as I got older. The gap of faith grew in my life as I was questioning many things.

In my teen years, I fell away from the church when I saw a local church refuse to help a pregnant teen mother. Taking a path of many poor choices led me down a road that ended in the intensive care unit in the hospital and a total life change. Not too long after getting out of college, I was married but had a pulling to the Lord in the background that I did not follow. Around 1998, a friend gave me a copy of The Screwtape Letters that really engaged me. Thankfully, he did not stop there and mentored me until I came back to the faith.

Many trials and changes have come through the years. Moving from state to state, losing two children, several jobs but still stayed active in various church roles from Youth, VBS, sound, and general support. I have been drawn back to teaching again and again. Several times I have been placed and put into service unknown to me until that moment. God placed me at a Baptist church just prior to VBS week once. I was neither a member or had ever been before. There were not enough workers and I found myself leading the youth that week throughout the program. Later, I was running sound and service support in a Methodist church which allowed me to meet many people who taught me about real life. Work with homeless ministries, bereavement, and others expanded my understanding.

Now I am resuming my educational ministry journey to increase my ability to serve. Ministry is still going where I am sent since I am not sure yet of the end goal. I know that God has put me here for a purpose to serve. The further I dive into the word and study the program here at CLI, a reawaking is occurring in me. The scholarship and opportunity will allow growth for the sake of His kingdom.

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