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My name is Derrick Walls. I’m 41 years old and from Batesville, Indiana. I have been taking ministry classes tuition-free through Christian Leaders for almost five months now. So far, I have learned so much, and my faith has grown leaps and bounds more than I thought it would.

My Youth

My childhood was easier than some but more challenging than others. I lived in an apartment complex for most of my youth. It was awesome as there were a lot of kids to play with. The school was challenging for me, being a heavyset guy and not the smartest (or not applying myself, as my mom would say).

My dad was in and out of my life until I was 12. Then he was gone and never came back around. It was tough not having my dad around even though I had a stepdad. I felt like something was missing. We went to church enough for me to know there was a God with a son named Jesus. I knew the greatest hits: Adam and Eve, Noah and the Flood, David and Goliath, and Mary and Joseph.

Backing up a little, when I was 11, my two and 1/2-year-old brother passed away. He had been sick since birth. It was really hard for me. That was because I went to church camp that year and decided not to come home early to see him. I thought there would be more time. However, he passed away three days later. I was very mad at God for allowing those things to happen. So, I wrote a letter to God telling Him that I would never love Him again and that I hated him.

Struggles and Salvation

Fast forward to 14 years later. My girlfriend of three years had broken up with me because I allowed drugs and alcohol to take over my life. I hit rock bottom. One night, I was so messed up about everything that I flipped my truck and was thrown from it. By the grace of God, I only had a few minor injuries.

About a month went by, I felt like I could not take the pain anymore. So, I gave my uncle, a Deacon at a local church, what I thought was the impossible task of getting to me from where he was before I took a bottle of pills. Nothing is impossible with God because somehow he made it. So, I went to live with him. He had one rule, I had to go to church. As I had nothing, he gave me his clothes to wear. After about a month of going to church, by God’s grace, I was saved. The weight on me was lifted. Finally, I felt at peace.

God’s Leading

After being saved and falling back into sin, I thought I was lost forever. I had that empty feeling most of my life, even when I married and had three kids. Even though I loved them so very much, there was still something missing. We started going to church after having kids. However, it felt like I was going because that was the thing one should do. My marriage struggled because of alcohol and porn.

On December 24, 2022, I felt the hand of God getting me up off the couch. God said, “We are not doing this anymore, you are coming with me!” From that day forward, I knew Him and felt Him with me every day. As of 5/20/2023, I am free from alcohol and porn. I had a lot of obstacles in my life before, but the past five months have been the best of my life. My marriage and relationship with my kids are better than ever.

Ministry Classes Tuition-Free at CLI

The Christian Leaders Institute was the first thing I saw when looking up classes after I realized that’s what God wanted me to do. Being able to do this training on my time and at no cost is so important because I work full-time and have three kids.

My spiritual dream is to preach to as many as I can. The more and more I take these ministry classes tuition-free at Christian Leaders Institute and continue to draw closer to God, perhaps God wants me to work with the youth. My hope is that with all of this training, I can become a worship leader in some capacity, whether it be youth ministry or preaching. I am letting God use me in any way He wants. He will lead me to where He needs me to be.


Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers Ministry Classes Tuition Free!

  1. Affordability: Many individuals who are called to ministry may not have the financial means to pursue formal education or attend traditional seminaries. CLI’s free training removes the financial barrier, allowing individuals from all walks of life and socioeconomic backgrounds to receive quality ministry education without the burden of tuition fees.
  2. Accessibility: CLI’s online platform makes ministry training accessible to individuals worldwide. It reaches those in remote areas, underserved communities, and regions where theological education may not be readily available or accessible. This inclusivity ensures that individuals with a passion for ministry, regardless of their location, can receive training and be equipped for service.
  3. Flexibility: CLI’s self-paced online courses offer flexibility in scheduling and learning pace. This is particularly beneficial for individuals with work, family, or ministry commitments, as they can study at their convenience. The flexibility allows learners to balance their training with their other responsibilities, making it more manageable to pursue ministry education.
  4. Quality Education: Despite being free, CLI is committed to providing quality ministry education. Their curriculum is developed and delivered by experienced faculty and ministry practitioners dedicated to ensuring that students receive sound biblical teaching, theological training, and practical ministry skills. The training is designed to equip individuals for effective ministry and leadership roles.
  5. Practical Application: CLI’s training emphasizes the practical application of knowledge and skills. Through hands-on learning experiences, ministry projects, and mentorship opportunities, students are encouraged to apply what they have learned in real-life ministry contexts. This practical approach helps bridge the gap between theory and practice, preparing individuals for the challenges and demands of ministry.
  6. Community and Support: CLI fosters community and support among its students. Students can connect with peers, mentors, and instructors through online forums, discussion groups, and networking opportunities. This virtual community provides encouragement, accountability, and a sense of belonging, enhancing the learning experience and fostering relationships among like-minded individuals.
  7. Empowering Servant Leaders: By offering free ministry training, CLI empowers and equips individuals to become community servant leaders. It recognizes that ministry is not limited to clergy or professionals but is a calling for every believer. CLI’s training helps individuals discover and develop their gifts, talents, and calling, empowering them to serve and positively impact their spheres of influence.

Christian Leaders Institute’s free ministry training addresses the need for affordable, accessible, and quality education for individuals called to ministry. By removing financial barriers and providing flexible, practical, and community-oriented training, CLI equips and empowers servant leaders to fulfill their God-given purpose and contribute to advancing the Kingdom of God.

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