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Restoring My Life: Finding Purpose and God’s Love

Seeking higher education for ministry service, I am studying online at the Christian Leaders Institute.

Living in the United States, I’ve witnessed the struggle for survival. While some areas boast stunning natural beauty, others face difficulties. Throughout the vast expanse of this country, I’ve lived on both the East and West coasts. One thing remains clear: everyone faces their struggles and requires different levels of help. As Christians, we spread God’s love and support to those in need. With God always at work, the balance between positives and negatives is in constant flux.

In my youth, my greatest desire was to fulfill God’s calling and please Him. I found joy in working with children, participating in women’s Bible studies, and witnessing the transformation of hearts. My dreams ranged from becoming a minister or a pastor’s wife to writing a book about my spiritual journey. Serving on mission trips also brought me fulfillment, and I had the privilege of doing so multiple times.

Life’s Wrong Turn

However, life took a wrong turn. I unintentionally offended those around me, starting with my mother and eventually affecting my entire community. My mother wanted me to stay with her until I was older to save money, support the family, and figure out my life with fewer worries. At 18, I asked her if she wanted me to move out. Although she affirmed her love and desire to have me around, I often felt neglected by my family. Disliking the idea of living with them, I mistakenly believed I had everything figured out rather than placing my complete trust in God.

Despite the challenges, I managed to secure my apartment while pursuing my education. However, when a relationship failed, I lost my apartment and moved in with my partner an hour and a half away from home. Nevertheless, I continued my studies there for two years.

Taking Responsibility

Heartbroken after the end of that relationship, I felt forced to move back in with my family. In my vulnerable state, I turned to drugs to cope, unintentionally igniting destructive internal turmoil. I quarreled with my loved ones, further straining our relationships. Eventually, I sank deeper into my addiction, engaging in public drug use, driving illegally, and causing accidents. My actions reached a breaking point when I threatened officers and healthcare workers, resulting in my admission to a psychiatric ward.

Taking responsibility for my actions, I paid off my driving tickets and made efforts to show my family that I loved them. Despite a brief relapse, I eventually found the strength to quit drugs, move away, and start anew across the country as a restored person.

God at Work

Throughout my journey, God orchestrated transformative experiences. Surviving a car accident that left me in a three-month coma gave my life purpose. Overcoming drug addiction with God’s guidance became a daily transformation. Serving in the Dominican Republic on a mission trip, preaching, and assisting foreign communities, left an indelible mark on my life. Reconnecting with my father after a decade played a crucial role in my restoration. Furthermore, willingly embracing homelessness by moving across the country allowed me to change my environment and embrace a life of sobriety.

My relationship with God has restored my life, healed me, and provided unwavering support and purpose. Each day, God brings new beauty into my life, filling me with joy. Through His guidance and the people He brings into my path, He affirms my identity in Him and assures me of His eternal presence. Despite isolation and the struggle to meet my basic needs, God is rebuilding my spirit, purging unnecessary burdens, and filling me with new and beautiful things. He has promised to prepare a place for me in heaven.

Now, my renewed dreams involve sharing my testimony wherever I go and traveling extensively to touch lives and lead people to God. I aspire to live a simple and peaceful life, trusting in God and embodying the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Inner peace and acceptance of my life are some of my goals.

Study at CLI: Higher Education for Ministry

Wanting higher education for ministry service, I searched online and found the Christian Leaders Institute. The course I recently finished has played a significant role in my life. It helped me repair broken relationships with my immediate family and equipped me to pursue further restoration with others. In addition, it has deepened my understanding, enabling me to assist and support others in their journeys.

My local church has supported my restoration efforts through their prayers, listening ears, and provision of basic necessities. Furthermore, I hope my family will also seek healing.

This valuable higher education for ministry has brought me closer to God, catalyzing my spiritual journey. Thank you, CLI!

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