Marketplace Ministry

Ministry in the Marketplace

Shalom, I’m Mary Jane Censon, born in January of 1979, and I have a marketplace ministry in Singapore. I am happily married and blessed with three kids born in 2000, 2003, and 2007. I am from Navotas City, the Philippines, and graduated in Centro Escolar University Mendiola of Manila in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in Commerce majoring in Computer Science and Information Systems.

My Conversion and Ministry

How I came to know God was from my father, a seafarer. He found a Bible in the cabin of his co-seafarer. Then, he read it, gaining more understanding about Christianity and accepting Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. He was very eager to share with me every time he had the chance to make a call overseas. He wanted me to know Jesus more too. When he came home, he found a Bible-based church. On March 15, 1995, that was the faithful day I have received Jesus as my Lord and beautiful Savior.

I actively participated as a Sunday School teacher and song leader. I also opened a Bible study in different places with my father and my boyfriend (now my husband). My relationship with my father doing our ministry became so meaningful, especially since I don’t have many memories of him during my childhood due to him working abroad with only two months’ vacation to be together as a family.

Move to Singapore and Marketplace Ministry

In 2007, I got a job relocation to Singapore. Currently, my family and I are living in Singapore for 12 years now. I worked in the shipping company as HR Marine Senior Superintendent also had an opportunity to complete my diploma in Shipping Operation and Management at Singapore Polytechnic.

With my desire to help more overseas Filipino workers to have a quality of life, I became passionate about my advocacy in sharing transformational life-changing training on life, health, and wealth. I put to use all the learning I got from the international training, seminars, and New Creation Church, where I regularly attended. The advocacy that I am in is the Frich Revolution (for empowering Filipinos to be free and prosperous). From the beginning, it was a ministry for me in the marketplace. My prayers always that God will use me mightily to his glory to share the good news and let them know/accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

Discovering CLI for Marketplace Ministry Training

I believe that nothing happens by chance. I got to know Pastor Irwin’s wife with one of the inquiries about my business and met them. It is a God-appointed time for us, and I am happy to attend their church. I learned that Pastor was studying online. Last quarter of 2019, I am hungry to know and learn more about God’s Word. After the message, Pastor Irwin Noriega shared with me about the Christian Leaders Institute. I was afraid of the cost because I have two college kids at the moment. So I asked him if he knew a Bible school offering free education. So, I registered at CLI.

Right now, I am doing my very best with God’s help to allocate my time to study. I’m praying for God’s wisdom and direction throughout my journey with CLI. I believe with this platform of learning and knowing Jesus more, it will lead me for my great purpose and mission to share more about the goodness of God to many. To God, be the glory! Shalom!

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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