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Online Bible School for Free at CLI

I live in Cote d’Ivoire where Biblical institutes are not numerous and the cost of the training remains inaccessible for the majority. What is more, many people are in the ministry without adequate training which creates a huge problem of credibility in the evangelical area with a lot of misuses. Truly, I was afraid of this situation, so I was looking for an online Bible School for free when I discovered the Christian Leaders Institute.

Introducing Myself

I am Kouadio Didier Medard Djaha born in Cote d’Ivoire on the 23rd of May in 1978. Father of three boys and two girls and married to Eveline Sah GBE.
My father was a school teacher and president of a Catholic parish, so I was compelled to go to church every Sunday with my family. However, I didn’t know many things about faith apart from recited prayers. When I went to secondary school in the third form I was invited to participate in a service in a Baptist church. I started going there regularly, but I still remained the same person with the same habits, going to pubs and doing like my school friends.

My Conversion

After my baccalaureate degree, I was sent to a public university to study foreign languages. It is at university that one of my friends shared the gospel with me and invited me to his local church. He encouraged me to pray, and he studied the Bible with me. At that time, I desired reconciliation with my Lord. Then, I decided on three days of fasting and praying. On the third day, I was awakened by a strange strength and put on my knees. Then, I started praying in foreign languages (English and Spanish), talking in other tongues, and prophesying. I was also made by the Spirit to talk about my call to the minister. However, I didn’t want to serve the Lord because I was afraid of the responsibility as I was a new convert so I was not prepared for that.

The Call to Minister

Two years later, I received baptism at a local Baptist church. I preached the gospel in the streets of Abidjan. I met a dozen young Christian leaders. Together, we started a platform called “Daily Gospel” for preaching the gospel to students and wherever people gathered at the market.

Today, I am a teacher in a public school and I serve in my local church in the department of evangelization and regionally responsible for a new awakening. I desired adequate pastoral training for a long time. Yet, it seemed to be impossible because of my job and the vision of my local church. According to my local church, I should give up my job before starting pastoral training. Also, I should pay for the fees myself and spend at least five years to obtain my certificate. That was totally impossible for me since I have to care for my family seeing that my wife is jobless.

My Challenge

I decided to find a solution to my pastoral training situation. So I googled online Bible School for free and unexpectedly discovered CLI. Incredible! My dream has come true for an online Bible school free of charges. I registered and started my courses. For me, God answered my prayers and directed me to CLI. I didn’t want to serve the Lord without sound spiritual and theological training. I am so grateful to CLI! May God bless all the donors who allow people like me to benefit from free biblical studies.

My Vision for the Ministry

I want to teach Christians how to be free in the Lord; free to love each other, free to leave in peace, free to be happy. For me, most Christians miss this freedom. I want those who are blamed and rejected by some Christians to know that God will never reject them. He is able to set them free from all their darkness. I want people to be free to love their God who loved them first and sacrificed himself for them. I also want to be qualified to mentor young people and teach them to become leaders and give birth to leaders.

It is possible today thanks to CLI. I regularly go to some localities of my region with my wife and my eldest son for gospel campaigns and awakening programs. There is a great need in our locality in terms of Christian leadership and management, so I truly need this scholarship. I am very grateful to CLI for this opportunity! Stay blessed in the name of Jesus!

My prayer is to please the Lord and light the way for those who think that God has forgotten them. I want to be the bridge to bring them back to our God. Thank you!

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