Manila Ministry Training

Manila Ministry Training

It was the 21st of March in 1978 when I was born. My grandfather gave me the name Alberto Yusef Doca Jr. I’m the eldest son and 4th of the 9 siblings. I’m married to a beautiful lady named Chona and we’re gifted with two kids. We are living here in Manila and belong to a local church, with a ministry. I am receiving Manila ministry training at Christian Leaders Insitute.

I remember when I was in grade school the elders in our family told us to not open the Bible if we don’t want to get blinded. That was the old teachings of the church I went to at that time. At age 11, I read a Bible, the book of John. I was so excited that I finished reading it that night.

I was 16 years of age when I accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I started to go to church but was dragged down by the influence of the community surrounding me. I was on the wrong track. My life was up and down and even my family were not excluded from many trials and different circumstances in life. There was a time early in the morning that I was so
drunk that I questioned God for what was happening in our lives. I thought there seemed to be no way out. At the same time, I heard the words of a song: “God will make a way where there seems to be no way.” My knees trembled and I started crying and claiming that song. Since then, we have felt the hand of God working in our lives. Jesus is so good! God is a good, good Father!

I have a vision and sometimes dream about it: In my hometown, there is a church that I am the pastor of. If this is my calling, let it be. My dad and my mom and my siblings, as well as some of my nieces and nephews, have accepted the Lord Jesus in their life. My prayer is to minister the Word to friends, relatives and to all the people that I may encounter.

I’m a worker of our church. Our Pastor allows me to preach from the pulpit and to be a worship leader two to three times a month. My work here is a driver of school service in a Christian school.
I want to enhance these ministry opportunities and earn certificates through my studies at Christian Leaders Institute. I desire to gain more knowledge about theology and the Bible through my Manila ministry training with CLI. CLI will be a big help for me with this. Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for free online courses. Our God is our great rewarder.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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