Life Coaching Ministry

My name is Herman Nyotu, born and brought up in Kenya. I am a 65-year-old entrepreneur in agricultural value addition in Kenya. I am taking the life coaching ministry training at the Christian Leaders Institute (Learn more about studying the Bible online, Click Here).

My Story

Living as a Christian in Kenya is very interesting. Our statistics show that Kenya is 80% Christian. However, the impact is hardly felt. Islam has steadily grown over the last couple of decades, while traditional religions and atheism are becoming visible in many parts of the country.

My paternal grandparents came from a very traditional lineage where the knowledge of the Almighty God was nonexistent. On the other hand, my maternal grandparents grew up under the influence of the first Catholic priests in Nairobi. In addition to serving as an “altar boy” at a young age, I also witnessed traditional rituals. These included offering sacrifices to ancestral spirits and enchantments to the gods who dwelt on four mountain ranges, some visible from our homestead but many miles away.

A Twist to My Story

My father was rescued from abject poverty by a friendly Catholic priest and trained as an artisan in furniture making. For this, he was grateful and felt indebted to the church. He pledged to offer one of his sons to become a Catholic priest. The lot fell on me.

The decision to become a Catholic priest was not mine, it was my father’s. It came when I was trying to figure out what to do when I grew up. According to my father and the church, the plan was for me to go to junior seminary for four years and then to senior seminary for six years before being ordained as a priest.

At the end of the four years of junior seminary, I knew I could not live my father’s dream of becoming a catholic priest. I had many questions about life but was not getting answers to most of them. There was a deep void in me, and those around me could not tell me what it was all about. The level of poverty in my immediate family and in my extended family made the situation worse by adding more questions to my young mind. I was somewhat angry and bitter with my parents, relatives, and the church for not allowing me to choose my career. On the other hand, they were offended and disappointed by my decision to quit. I also felt like I was offending God.

My Marriage Story

My parents were, by this time, struggling to feed and educate my eight younger siblings. So, I concluded that I needed to find ways to alleviate the poverty around me. I joined university, studied for three years, and got employed by the ministry of agriculture. I had, by this time, understood the reasoning behind my parents’ thinking to make me go to seminary. They wanted to please God through good works.

God used meeting Pauline at university to transform my life. She had grown up under strict Presbyterian parents and preachers. Through her, I saw, heard, and learned things about God from an entirely new perspective. I started attending a Presbyterian church, reading the Bible, and searching for and getting answers to many questions about life. God became real to me at this stage in my life. As my relationship with God grew, I shed my fear and anxiety and lived more hopefully and at peace. I could even overcome the adverse reactions from members of my family. They did not understand my shift from the “family religion” to “another religion.”

We eventually married in the Presbyterian church. However, we later moved to an Assemblies of God church near our new home in Nairobi. Here, I got an opportunity to study God’s Word in detail. I experienced a tangible demonstration of God’s power during the services and eventually in my life. I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Savior during Sunday services.

Life Coaching Ministry Training at CLI

I have served in various capacities at Christ Is The Answer Ministries (CITAM) in Kenya for the last twenty years. While looking for ways and means to serve more effectively, I came across the Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) online a year ago. God answered my prayer. At that time, we had a crisis with indiscipline in our boys’ high schools, with many incidents of students setting their schools on fire. The thought of training as a lay minister/chaplain crossed my mind, and I have not looked back.

The CLI training has given me a fresh impetus and opened new ministry opportunities to the local community through my church. I currently serve as part of a team of retired elders in Citam Kitengela, supporting the pastoral team. I initially registered to get some basic ministry training. Further, the growing needs of the church and the community bought out the need for Life Coaching ministry training through the Life Coach Minister program.

I am grateful to CLI for making this training available to even the farthest corners of the globe for the glory of God

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