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I am Marcey Trabant from Evansville, Indiana, USA, a single mother to two daughters, one a teenager and one a toddler. I am studying at the Christian Leaders Institute for Women’s Ministry and Life Coaching ministry training.

My Story

I grew up in church and accepted Jesus when my grandpa went to the hospital for care. The whole family gathered around to pray, and I pulled on his hand and told him I asked Jesus to be my Savior. Sadly, I fell away about a year after I graduated high school when I was sexually assaulted. There were many struggles with sexual addiction and PTSD due to the assault.

It took me a long time to return to my relationship with God. While He was always there, I wasn’t fully committed. It led to a failed marriage as I wasn’t in the right relationship and didn’t listen to God. Shortly after having my youngest, I started making my relationship with God right. While working on my relationship, I discovered a calling to help other women who have struggled with either being a single mom or going through sexual assault and to let them know they can find peace and joy.

Christian Leaders: Women’s and Life Coaching Minister Training

God put the Christian Leaders Institute in my life. I want to be more knowledgeable to help my friends, family, and even myself understand and know more about what the Bible says. I want to focus mainly on Women’s Ministries and Life Coaching Minister Training. This urge started after I studied Proverbs 31, the wife of noble character. She had many different jobs. I work remotely as a CAD Technician, using my Associate’s Degree in Computer Aided Drafting and Design. However, I want to do more. I want my metaphorical vineyard, shops to sell garments, and places to provide sashes to merchants.

The free Life Coaching and minister training opportunity is excellent for me. I survive on one income to provide for myself and my two girls. So, I can’t afford a high-priced college. One day, I hope to either receive a scholarship for a Bachelor’s degree or to save up and afford one. My oldest supports me and says we need to save money for it.

Calling Confirmation Story

Recently, I scheduled a dinner night with one of my best friends, who is catholic. I come from a Baptist background. During the dinner, I suddenly wanted to share my daily devotionals with my friend. She broke down and explained that she wanted to grow her relationship with God. However, she got confused by what she read in the Bible and always gave up. For the rest of the dinner, we discussed what we wanted to see in our relationships with God and how to make small steps to bring them forward.

After dinner, I showed her a couple of books and recommendations on a Bible that could help her study the Bible. That weekend, she messaged me and said she went to church for the first time in a long time. Now, I keep in touch once a week to discuss her questions. Further, I want her to know that God loves her and is waiting for her to walk closer to Him.

I am excited about my future in ministry! Thank you, Christian Leaders!

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