Layman Leader Training

Layman Leader Training

My name is Ron Homan and I am receiving free layman leader training at Christian Leaders Institute. I was born in 1957 in a southern Minnesota farming town. I grew up and worked around farming. I was brought up in the Catholic Church and faith. God has always been part of my life, but not the center of it. My senior year of high school, I was greatly influenced by a small group of people in our small Catholic church. They really helped me get my first taste of the power of God in my life and a desire to read and learn from my Bible. In 1981, I married my fun and loving wife, Glenda. We have been blessed with four children: 2 girls and 2 boys. Our daughters have since blessed us with four awesome grandchildren.

With the help and Christian friendship from a special older couple, we decided to join the Lutheran Church. I became involved with the church council, Sunday school, youth groups, and Bible studies. I am one of the elders in our congregation and am called and looked upon more and more for leadership. At times, I feel God’s tug on my arm, but I don’t always wholeheartedly turn and follow, so I want to become more teachable.

My two daughters were married in the church, and now my oldest son has asked me to officiate his wedding. He has pulled away from the church and I look at this as a way to help guide him back into a fellowship with God.

I checked into how to become a wedding officiant in Minnesota and found that I could just signup with an organization online. That felt wrong, empty, and with something missing. Then I found Christian Leaders Institute online, and your courses looked good. But now, with the initial course complete, I feel that these courses will also help me in becoming a better leader in our church.

I would like to lead a Bible study group and later start the men’s fellowship group backup. Our Pastor leads our Sunday morning Bible study. It has become very interesting, which in turn brings out discussions about God, from all the people. This also is a great way to start Sunday morning service off. Both our pastors have encouraged me to become more involved and to look into further studies in leadership. These classes at CLI are a good start for my layman leader training.

For now, I feel God is leading me down this path of layman leader training. I believe God does what he wants to do, and we are asked to follow, listen and give ourselves back to him. I feel CLI’s courses will help me plant my heart deeper into God’s word and become an instrument of God.

Learn about minister ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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