Lawson Makola –

“I am a born again Christian. I live in the Islamic dominated coastal city of Mombasa in Kenya, East Africa. For a long time, I have served in various ministries within the region. Currently we have a very young evangelical ministry. We are preaching the gospel with the available resources (hiring equipment now and then) and reaching many Moreso Moslems. Every weekend we usually do door to door outreach or open air campaigns converting many to believing Christians. I am in charge of these outreaches. Even though there’s freedom of worship, we usually get resistance when it comes to open air gospel campaigns because of the Islamic factor. But we are not giving up. Our big challenge is finances; currently we do pay monthly for the meeting hall and electricity. We pay weekly for the chairs and the fee for the open air grounds. We are also paying for PA system whenever we go for gospel outreach.

“I was witnessed to by a young man years ago until I understood the difference between having Jesus in you and just being an ordinary churchgoer. Initially I just used to a good churchgoer born in a religious sort of home.

“We desire and dream to reach as many people as people and convert them to believing Christians (as it has begun now) and God confirming his word with miracles,signs and wonders.We  are just five months old but wish to reach the whole world with the gospel.At the same time making believers into soul winners.We have targets and strategies we are working towards.We are basing our dream on Matthew 24:14 and Isaiah 40:3-5.”

Lawson Makola Receives a Scholarship

“If i get a scholarship, it would do much more than just for myself. I am an assistant evangelical pastor. I wish i can get a full scholarship because I don’t even have even any money to give a free willing donation. Whatever little we get in the church as offering and tithe, we are putting into our soul winning ministry. The senior pastor and I don’t get any salaries. If I get to an opportunity to finish this training and get my certificates, I’ll have to train others in our church to get them equipped with proper knowledge for the ministry work ahead in this Islamic region and beyond. Right now we train others just with any Christian materials we get here and there. (We too need a syllabus and materials for our Sunday school. It’s about hundred children now).

“We need prayers for God’s favor with the administrators in our region. We need prayers for God to touch people in this region (note that we are very near to Somali, the Al Shabaab zone). We need prayers for God to touch people who can give  or support us to get the PA system,own ground/hall.(We need even just a pair of wireless microphone) We seriously need some sponsors (if anything) for us to move on smoothly. We need God’s presence to go with us as he did with Israel during the exodus.”

Lawson Makola serves God in a very poor region of Kenya. Not only is it a poor region, it is also dominated by the Islamic faith. This makes ministry for Lawson Makola difficult, and the poverty increases that difficulty. Lawson Makola wants to get ministry training. He knows that ministry training would help him be more effective in his efforts for Christ. However, Lawson Makola doesn’t receive a salary at his church – even his senior pastor doesn’t receive a salary. When Lawson Makola came across Christian Leaders Institute, he knew that a scholarship here could help him achieve greater success in his work for the Lord.

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