Journey to Chaplaincy

My name is Toni Corbiere from Nevada in the USA. My calling is chaplaincy, and here is my journey to chaplaincy. I received my calling in late 2018. At the time, I came face to face with my sin of adultery and a domestic violence situation that involved my son and me. Falling to my knees, crying out to God, asking for forgiveness and guidance, I knew my path needed to change. Following whatever God placed before me was my desire. I was tired of hiding lies, carrying guilt and shame, and feeling unworthy.

When I talked to God in prayer, I heard the word chaplaincy. I began counseling sessions to heal my mind and understand the whys behind my behavior. Blessed with a counselor who grew up in the church, we spoke of scripture and looked to the Bible during our discussions. I shared with my counselor the calling I was getting regarding chaplaincy. My counselor agreed, chaplaincy was a path for me. So, I began researching schools, thinking I would never be able to afford private Christian colleges. Then, I was led to the Christian Leaders Institute. I started my studies in October of 2018 on my journey to chaplaincy.

Ministry Service on My Journey to Chaplaincy

Currently, I am an Associate Chaplain/Pastor for a small church in my community. I love the close-knit relationship everyone has with the Pastor, who is my mentor. My mentor is not only the Senior Pastor but the State Chaplain for the Air National Guard. To be mentored by someone with extensive experience, training, and faith is a great blessing.

My challenge in ministry is understanding the word on a deeper level so I can preach and mentor others. Currently, I am an Associate Chaplain, and I am beginning to mentor others in the church and prison ministry (Crossroads). I want to feel more grounded with the word in guiding others and rely on the Holy Spirit to give me the words at the right time.

Leadership Course at CLI

The leadership class strengthens my ministry walk not only in the church but within my community. I enjoyed learning what it takes to change a culture. I worked in the corporate world of medicine for many years and saw “leaders” come and go. Now I understand we often did not have the right leaders in the right seats. It is easy for leaders to get lost in the organization and lose sight of the vision they had.

My ministry dreams for the future are to be a devoted, dependable, consistent Chaplain. Currently, I am not sure what type of chaplaincy to pursue, whether hospital, hospice, prison, EMS, etc. However, on this journey to chaplaincy, I know it is my calling. I love listening to people, praying for them and with them, and being a contact for those who are lost, hurt, anxious, etc. To talk things through with others, help them along their path, and watch them grow is my privilege. I also enjoy not talking and simply being present. Silence can be beautiful and the perfect gift at the perfect time. Feeling the Holy Spirit all around me is a fantastic gift.

Learn about ordination at the Christian Leaders Alliance. Interested in a low-cost degree? Check out the CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.

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