Journey in Ministry Training

Journey in Ministry Training

Hi! My name is Cynthia Rolon, and I am on a journey in ministry training at CLI. I am from the south side of Chicago. I grew up in a Christian home. Even though I was always in church, I did not have a closeness to God until the age of sixteen. At that time, I received a New Testament Bible that I carried with me. I recited Psalm 25 almost every single day. As I continued to read His Word more, I started to feel His presence in my life. I knew God was calling me, but I did not understand it.

When I was growing up, I would have severe leg pains. At times, it would be so bad that I couldn’t sleep. At the age of seventeen, I decided to go up for prayer after the service was over. I believed that God could heal me. When I was at the altar with my eyes closed, I felt something coming down from heaven. Then, it touched my head and went straight down to my feet. I felt God’s presence in such a powerful and beautiful way. That day I received healing in my legs. That’s when God became so real to me. I was different; I was changed. Something I will never forget is the joy and peace I felt after the healing.

Not too long after, I walked away to fulfill my selfish desires. But God was always with me and leading me back home. I would be lost without God in my life, and even though it took a while to come back, I am grateful to be home where I belong. Thankful for God’s mercy and forgiveness.

Called and on a Journey in Ministry Training at CLI

Now I desire to do God’s will and his calling for my life. So, I am here at Christian Leaders Institute to study for the ministry. The free ministry training at CLI is just what I need. I am eager to see where God leads me on this journey in ministry training.

Learn about ordination with the Christian Leaders Alliance.

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