Jeffrey Davidson –

“Can the Lord use more old men in America? I came to know a little about the Lord as a child from my grandparents who were catholic. They occasionally took me to church with them and I got a sense that there was more to this life than what I then realized.

“I didn’t really come to know the Lord until I was in my mid twenty’s, looking back I know that He knew me and that His hand was on my life. I have wanted to be a pastor or a theologian since that time. It never seemed possible to go to seminary, so I studied myself and got involved in as many ministries as I could handle.”Jeffrey Davidson

Jeffrey Davidson Receives a Scholarship

“Today, I’m an older man, who still can’t seem to afford to go to seminary, but my dream has never dimmed. I still desire to learn more about our God and I still desire to serve Him in whatever roles He sovereignly determines for me. I must work long hours to support my wife and me, but with my extra time I still desire to study. I think a scholarship will help add some tools and perspective to my study. It may open other doors in ministry for me.

“I would have people pray that I remain determined to serve the Lord despite all the seemingly impassible obstacles that life throws at me. I would desire that people pray that I come to know the Lord in a deeper, richer way and that He enables me to pass that knowledge and experience on to others in His service.”

Jeffrey Davidson felt God calling him to the ministry early in life, but was never able to afford the seminary education required. Through the years, Jeffrey Davidson never lost his passion for Christ, and finally an opportunity has come to pursue his calling. Jeffrey Davidson has found Christian Leaders Institute, where he can obtain the same quality education as is offered at a traditional seminary without the cost. A scholarship at Christian Leaders Institute could mean fulfillment of a lifelong ministry dream for Jeffrey Davidson.

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