Ireland Revival Training

Ireland Revival Training

Hi. My name is Rachel Walsh. I am boldly seeking God’s calling with Ireland revival training at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in Ireland although I am originally from the UK. I live in a rural community with my husband and five children. We prayed about our ministry for eight years before moving to Ireland in 2016. We have faced many challenges in that time, but we have always known God’s hand in our circumstances and we have also seen his provision many times despite our circumstances. It has been during these times that we have been closest to God and I feel blessed to have had opportunities for refinement.

I pray that this refinement has prepared us for fulfilling our calling in Ireland. We pray for revival in this nation. Many of the wonderful people here are lost to ritual and culture. But there is a healthy interest in God and people ask us what we believe because they can see we are different. We are salt and light.

We came to plant Living Waters Revival Church and we would like to build believers with solid Biblical teaching and a love for the individual. We want to heal those who have been hurt by the church and we want to reach those who are searching but are looking in the wrong places; spiritualism, suicide, addiction, superstition to name a few. There are other small congregations/house churches and their ministers who are supportive of our work and we want to work alongside them in supporting their ministries as well.

Gaining a scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute would fulfill my dream of studying at a Bible College level school without requiring me to sacrifice my role in our ministry or my role in my family. It will allow me to gain confidence in my studies as well as the recognition which others seek for validation. I have already enjoyed the Getting Started classes and have gained some helpful insight into areas I could improve as well as ways in which that can be achieved. I can’t wait to see where the next classes take me. Thank you.

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