International Ministry Dream

International Ministry Dream

Read the testimony of the CLI student who has an international ministry dream. He wants to travel the world raising up more revival leaders.

I am currently living in the United States of America in Cincinnati Ohio, right by the river in a small town called Newport. I live in a small town with several churches all doing great things and doing all they can to reach the ends of the earth to share the gospel.
 I found God 3 years ago when I moved away from a shady city north of where I am now. I was surrounded by so-called friends who were using drugs and living a blind and aimless life. I decided it was time to make a major life change and distance myself from the bad crowd as I was tired of being guilty by association. I quickly chose a college degree path, fell in love with the woman I am engaged to now, and set up a new start here in Newport getting grounded in my church where I started to really study the word of God.

My international ministry dream is one that will have many moving parts. I want to be deeply rooted in my local church and build a team to travel the world in the heart of spreading the good news. I am currently managing a blog and youtube channel to share videos that helped me along the way with authors, pastors, etc.

CLI has really helped me dig deeper into the word and figure out how to use it on a daily basis for guidance in my everyday walk, and I have found a passion for writing. I identify with Evangelist, I really believe that God has put an adventures heart in me to travel and a passion for leadership.

When I heard my younger siblings start to ask the bigger questions in life I immediately took the reins and showed them the Bible. I remember the look on their face and the way they received it, it made me feel like I gave them a treasure chest.
Some challenges my geographic area faces is the number of churches that exist, and people may feel like they are all too different and may never choose.

The Bible now serves as my manual to this human vessel. It directs my path and is the lamp of light on my pathway. It gives me hope, it inspires me, and helps me relate to the past soldiers of Christ who tell their tales of faith.
I am assuming new roles in the Church as a men’s bible study leader.

My family had no knowledge of Christ prior to my transformation, and now we are taking steps to help them grow in faith.
This scholarship would inspire me to devote the rest of my life to spreading the word, and changing peoples live the way it changed me from the inside out. A life without God would mean nothing matters, and a life with God means every single thing matters with eternal echoes.

Please pray that I don’t lose hope, and wake up every single morning with the hope of spreading the gospel to as many people as I can with the resources I have.

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  1. Nicholus Wandera
    Nicholus Wandera says:

    Great testimony! My brother, I encourage you to focus on your position in Christ. By doing so, you will not lose hope.
    Read John 15:1-7 and Hebrews 12:2.
    Would you consider visiting Uganda some time for ministry? Uganda is in East Africa.


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