Hospice Care Ministry

Hospice Care Ministry

Join today and receive free hospice care ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute (CLI) offers free high-quality online ministry training. CLI accepts any individual anywhere in their life to learn about Christianity. Read a student’s testimony below who found CLI and is using the free hospice care ministry to answer his call from God.

My name is Joey Miller. I live in a small town in Texas. My path to the Lord has taken a winding road. Growing up, the Lord wasn’t present in our house. My parents owned two bars and many a Sunday was spent cleaning them up after a rowdy Saturday night. I grew into manhood not knowing who Jesus was. I remember once as a teen trying to read the Bible. We had one, but I’m not sure where it came from. As you do most books, I started reading the bible from the beginning in hopes to work my way to the end. That lasted until I got to the “begets”. Once there, I gave up my quest of learning about God and His Son.

Through the next forty years, I was married multiple times, blessed with a great son, and lived a life of work, partying and nonbelief. When I was in my early fifties, I met a good, Christian woman. Through this lady, I began to bring the Lord into my life. I was rather hesitant to have this happen, but to make her happy I went along for the ride. Through a series of bad relationship decisions that culminated in us not seeing one another anymore, I found myself alone again.

One night when I was alone at the house, I was sitting watching a movie ( Madea Goes to Jail) and a line in that movie woke me up. That night I called my former girlfriend and spoke with her. She drove forty miles to come and visit me that evening. With her, she had a card of a pastor that was over the Celebrate Recovery program at the church she was attending. That week I called him and set up a meeting and that was when my Christian journey really began.

Over the next year, I started attending church regularly, began Celebrate Recovery, was baptized and married that fine, upstanding Christian woman. My walk with the Lord has not seen its share of stumbles, but I can say that it has continually moved forward. I have been part of the audio/video team, on the executive team, and headed up the men’s ministry at the church we attend. I still find; though, that I am lacking something. I find that I am afraid to discuss my beliefs with others because of a lack of knowledge of the Bible. Those “begets” still get me.

I am closing in on sixty now, but have a fervent need to know the Lord and His Son. My wife and I minister at the local nursing home. We visit twice a month, sings songs, quote scripture, and love on our elderly friends. There are many of those residents that will not be on this earth very much longer. If I can bring the joy of Jesus Christ into their life before they leave, what a blessing that will be. The world today is in need of Jesus. I want to help bring His Word to whomever I meet, but to do that I need knowledge. That is where the Christian Leadership Institute comes in. I have only gotten through the opening, “get to know you” course and have learned and been enlightened considerably.

My wife and I are hoping to take this course together. To build a hospice care ministry that will be able to share God’s word through knowledge, but also through love and grace. We will continue our nursing home ministry, with hopes of branching out to other homes or residences. We also want to take His word to the streets and be able to share His love and sacrifice to non-believers and those whose faith is wavering.

I feel with the heart for the Lord that I now have, with the support of my wife and Christian family, and with the education I can receive from the Christian Leadership Institute that I will be able to accomplish my goal. I ask that you pray for my wife and me to persevere in our quest for knowledge, that we will be like sponges soaking in everything that comes our way.

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