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My name is Keith D Millership, I am a Canadian currently living in New Brunswick, Canada.  Before God got a hold of me I was a drug dealer, a person who did not have anything.  I had a child at the age of 16 and for three years I raised him by myself. Then I met my wife who helped me in many ways including getting us involved in a church. Now we have three more children.

We both share the word of God with all who will listen but our passion is for children and youth ministry.  They are the future of the world so they need to know the word of God and that is who we share it with. Our dream is to see them have a foundation in their lives and their families lives that will spill over to the people they come into contact with. CLI would allow us to get more information to train these young people, which would in turn allow my wife and I to have more tools in our work and ministry. Please pray for us to have strength in our work and for our family. Thank You. God Bless you.

Keith D Millership

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