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My Ministry Journey

Greetings! My name is Sophie Mukonambi. Born in Western Kenya, I currently live in California, USA. My husband and I have four beautiful children. Wanting more ministry training, I am a student at the Christian Leaders Institute with their godly knowledge and Bible classes.

My Background

Born into a religious family of six, my parents were devoted members of the Salvation Army Church. My dad died when I was five years old. Sadly, our life in the village in Western Kenya was miserable. However, we religiously attended church and actively participated.


Although I attended church regularly, participated in church activities, and even became a leader in the young soldiers category, I never knew Jesus Christ. After my 8th grade year, I went to Nairobi, the Capital city of Kenya, to visit my born-again elder brother. He was a police officer who worked at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport. I met the Brethren who were on fire for Christ. They could not say hi to someone without telling them, “I’m born again, Jesus is my Lord and Savior.” My brother hosted several evangelistic meetings in his house. I didn’t want to be the odd one out. I faked the testimony, but deep in my heart, I knew it was a lie.

However, one day, my brother and some other police officers organized a crusade. It was an “open-air meeting.”  The preacher preached from Ezekiel 18:4. “Behold all souls are mine; as the soul of a father, so also the soul of the son is mine: the soul that sinneth, shall die.” I realized by the conviction of the Holy Spirit that the dying soul was mine. Therefore, I answered the altar call and gave my life to Christ. Joy unspeakable filled me, and I knew I was a new creation.


My brother played a very big role as a mentor in my life. As a young believer, he helped me to grow into a disciplined servant of God. Since he was the choir director at Redeemed Gospel Church, he trained me to take the things of God seriously. Through my high school level, I served in evangelism ministry, organized open-air meetings, and did house-to-house witnessing about Jesus during holidays.

I returned to Nairobi City. There I met my beloved husband while serving as an usher and choir member at the Redeemed Gospel Church Intl. We married and served faithfully. I was appointed to be the worship team leader and ordained as a pastor. Furthermore, I taught Bible study and was in charge of the young adults before I moved to the USA. Currently, I serve with the Pentecostal Church of God with a licensed credential. I preach and teach the Word of God. However, I still hungered for more knowledge of Him.

Reproductive Mission

As a worship and choir leader, God brought the people under my care for a season, a reason, and a purpose. They were not there just to sing but to be ministers. Through that ministry, they would know and understand their calling. Most members were young people who had just completed high school, and some were college students. Of the young people I led from the year 2005 to 2016, six of them are serving in pastoral ministry with beautiful families.

My Dream and Vision

I believe in God’s promise in Joel 2: 28-29. The devil is working overtime to keep our young generation away from God’s purpose. However, I pray and believe that this promise will be fulfilled urgently. It is crucial to reach and equip our young generation that has all it takes to do great works for God’s kingdom. I look forward to experiencing the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and the great wind of revival blowing and sweeping over the globe.

Godly Knowledge and Bible Classes at CLI

I thank God for the Christian Leaders Institute. CLI opens the doors for all people. CLI makes it possible for millions of people who are hungry for godly knowledge and Bible classes that can be found when connected here. The Christian Leaders Institute provides the platform and opportunity for everyone who wants to dig deeper into the secrets of God through the godly knowledge and Bible classes offered here. The interesting part is that studying at CLI is free! It allows you to achieve any level of knowledge based on your effort and pace. I’m so grateful for CLI and this study opportunity!

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