Biblical college education

I am Lance Aeschliman from the United States. After years of running from God, I am answering His call. The biblical college education online at the Christian Leaders Institute equips me for my calling from God. Therefore, I am thankful for this biblical college education opportunity!

Early Believer

Like most Christians, my testimony starts at a young age. I grew up in a Christian home. According to my aunt, I was saved at five years old. Ever since I can remember, I believed in Jesus and did everything a typical young Christian did. I tested the patience of God and, at the same time, attended all the required things a good Christian should do while growing up.

I was friends with two other Christians in my church during my teen years. We were told that God wanted us to go into the ministry. However, I never thought about it and continued doing my own thing. Around my senior year, I slowly walked away from the church. I decided to head into the military while my two friends went on to become pastors.

Military Life

While in the military, I continued to go to church. At the same time, I lived in the world and did things my way again. I partied with all my military friends and did Bible studies with some of those same friends. Ironically, we went door to door, witnessing to others while continually living in sin. As I reflect on my earlier years, I never really had a relationship with Jesus, even though I knew what a Christian should do and not do.

In 1994, I married someone I barely knew. The marriage lasted around six months. Within a year, we divorced. Around the same time, I was in a horrific car accident, which led to the death of a close friend. The night he died, two of my aunts called me and said that God led them to pray for me around the time of the accident. At the time, I didn’t want to hear it. The friend who died was an atheist, and I knew he was most likely not in heaven if Christianity was true. These two events led me down a wicked path a few years later.

Around 1997, I started taking courses through a Christian college in Colorado Springs, CO. This was the first time I felt God calling me to do something else. Therefore, I wanted to give it a try. However, I still wasn’t walking with the Lord. I’m unsure why I thought I would succeed with this new endeavor. It didn’t last long. I hung out with the wrong friends again and went down a path that would change everything for me.

Turning Away From Christianity

A few months after starting Bible college, a friend of mine cheated on his wife with a girl who claimed to be Wiccan. My friend didn’t know much about Wicca. When he asked me if I would research it for him, I did. This research started me down a rabbit hole that would take me years to leave. While studying, the information resonated with me and eventually interested me in Druidism. Colorado Springs is considered the pagan capital of Colorado. Therefore, there was plenty of information and shops to visit to learn about Paganism. I was so caught up in these studies that I neglected my Christian studies. Eventually, I turned away from God.

At the time, it seemed perfect for me. However, it destroyed my military career and some relationships. It wasn’t until I was stationed in Hawaii that I practiced Paganism with others. It was a mixed group of pagans. We met once a week and had a study and also practiced moon rituals.

My excitement for making the military a career diminished during my time in Paganism. Soon, I was a sub-par soldier and eventually received an Article 15. At the time, I didn’t care. Further, I persuaded my chain of command to fail me on two physical fitness tests. Then, I could be chaptered out of the military. Since it was just after 9/11, they accommodated me. They released me from the military in 2003 with a General, Under Honorable Conditions.

Back to God and a Biblical College Education at CLI

After I left the military, God was watching out for me. I got the jobs I wanted, even with my type of military discharge. Around 2004, my sister and brother-in-law gave their lives to the Lord, and we had great conversations. I still considered myself Pagan but felt drawn back to Christianity. I could do this my way, so I mixed Paganism with Christianity. Further, I tried to maintain control instead of letting God have control. However, God wasn’t going to have any of that nonsense.

In 2006, I met my wife. I was done entirely with Paganism around that time. However, I was still fighting God. My wife and I eventually married, and we have a son together. My wife helped me to admit that God had a call on my life. We were both weak Christians. Therefore, we grew in Christ with the help of my family. God has a calling on my life. However, it took many years to own it. I fought God along the way, but like the story of the Prodigal Son, God welcomed me back with outstretched and loving arms.

I searched for a biblical college education online. God led me to the Christian Leaders Institute. I look forward to learning and growing as I answer God’s call! Thanks, CLI!

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