My name is Gladys Dufua am a Nigerian from Bayelsa the River line Area where most people use to worship idols, my first attending Church was from my school days where I was taught about God. l live in the Netherlands, am a mother of three and the first daughter of ten children,l growth up knowing my parents are not Christians. my childhood was rough, I have been Abused and Rape several times I was kidrap and locked up for about a year by a group of idol worshippers I was to be kill and use for money, but surprising from the very day I was Kidrap I started bleeding just like the woman with the issue of blood, when ever they come to perform the sacrifice, am still bleeding so they be came frustrated so they came to an agreement to kill me, but God with his infinity mercy used one of them to free me, while I was there l prayed fasted a lot. l came to Europe by Road following Niger, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, then l got in Italy, God has been with me all this while because I hard a lot of people died traveling the way I did. l joined Christ embassy church baptized and attended the foundation school, l opened a foundation call Dufua children glory foundation for the none privilege in Africa, for me to lead God’s children is good to know God’s word better. we are just a small group, my mission is to guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, I was praying and in search of a pastoral course on the net, and all of sudden l came across CLI which I knew is the Lords doing and since then my life has turned around for good, I would want you to pray for me to fulfil my God calling in my life thanks.

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