Getting Free Ministry Training

Getting Free Ministry Training at CLI

My name is Zivanayi Mafuta, and I am getting free ministry training at Christian Leaders Institute. I live in South Africa but originated in Zimbabwe. I am the second born of six children of my father and mother.

Early Church Experiences

I started going to the Baptist Church with my parents. Later on, I attended a Catholic School, where I began serving in the church. Later on, I joined the Pentecostal Church. However, by this time, I was wary and without an understanding of the Bible and the gospel message. Yet, the Bible became the best book for my growth and knowledge of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. Soon, I was baptized and became a new man in the Lord Christ Jesus.

Ministry Dreams and Getting Free Ministry Training at CLI

When I was a young man, my dream was to consider mission work though being a full-time missionary. My ministry goal is for God’s people to be saved and taught in the faith. My spiritual dream is Christ living in me so that I may proclaim Him to everyone.

And now, getting the opportunity to study with Christian Leaders Institute will help me so tremendously. I am currently serving at my local church as a sound engineer. I believe there is a ministry service for me to do. CLI will equip me spiritually and strengthen me for the task. Thank you, Christian Leaders Institute, for this fantastic opportunity of getting free ministry training!

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