Get Ordained for Ministry

Get Ordained for Ministry

There are many online scams. These online ordination scams sell you credentials but do not give you real training. Get ordained for ministry at Christian Leaders Institute through a process that brings you high-quality ministry training and local church endorsement.

Christian Leaders Institute is a leader in freemium ministry education. Get ordained for ministry at a school that seeks to bring you ministry classes that you will use in ministry.

When you get ordained for ministry in your community, you want the ordination to mean something. You want to be included in a directory for ordained leaders that proves you have received legitimate credentials. Chrisitan Leaders Institue brings to you over 100 hours of ministry training so that you will do well in your ministry calling. Many Christians sense the calling and want to get ordained for ministry in a real and recognized way. Take Shane from England.

My name is Shane, I’m 43 years old and I’m from England.

After much searching backwards and forthwards, down numerous dusty and solitary pathways, along many arduous spiritual ramblings, exploring the multitude of different religions and faiths the world has to offer, I finally realised that I was repeatedly returning back full circle to Jesus. That was in 2003, I was 30 years old, and that was when I finally surrendered myself to Christ.

I grew up in a typical 70’s British household, with Christianity on the decline as a staple of everyday life, and thus my belief in God didn’t stretch much further than a belief in a spiritual realm, an afterlife, a Heaven, and that of a creator God. Coming from the generation of Brits (and from a small village) where Christian hymns were still part of the primary school curriculum, I got a hint of what Christianity may be about at a young age, but certainly not in any strict regimented way of indoctrination. But it had been enough to allow myself to consider that I belonged to the Church Of England (the Anglican Church). And had been enough to allow my spiritual wanderings to always bring me back to the place of most comfort, of most joy, of most rest, of most hope, which was in the palm of Jesus Christ.

So it was that in 2003 I told Christ that I was His. I finally accepted that my spiritual stumbling always led me back to Him, often internally weakened and confused from the journey, to fall in His ever open and accepting arms. I had become tired of the constant seeking for something to sooth my soul, and I realised through those times of falling down, that in Jesus, I had found a soul soother; a place of rest; a place of solitude; where the swimming of a raging mind would always still; and where the song playing to the soul always sung of peace and joy and angelic glory. I found in Jesus a stiller of all storms and a calmer of all chaos.

Discovering Christian Leaders Institute is certainly a blessing for me, and a scholarship with CLI will allow me to obtain a good solid foundation for ministry work and a better understanding of the direction I need to take for a more productive future walk with God. I’m not in a position where I could attend seminary school or the like to gain similar education, financially it would be impossible for me, so the teaching from CLI is a great help and the only possible path for me to get a sound grounding in theology and faith to take me forward. I have entertained the thought of ‘instant online ordination’ in the past, but feel that it doesn’t offer true validation for a genuine calling, as it doesn’t provide any pathways to education and thus gives no understanding nor knowledge of the role and work which ministry entails. To get ordained for ministry means that I really want to be ready! After learning about CLI, I believe that I can gain that validation through their training which typical ‘instant online ordination’ cannot provide me. From the work so far completed I can see that CLI provide a genuine high quality learning program, which I pray will be ideal for my needs to serve God in the role He calls me to.

Certain events of my life where I have suffered hardship, I believe have strengthened my character. I like to equate our lives to a book where the story is still being written. And to consider that, although hardship and mistakes may not be something to be proud about, nor brag about having had to succumb to or endure, but that they do have worth in hindsight. I like to think that they add great elaborate paintings in the pages of our book of life by defining and painting true grit of character. And that they give the pages more colour and it’s passages and leading characters (us) more depth and more humanity (including compassion and understanding). I myself have had quite a few life changing events, some of which were self-inflicted, some of which were not, but all of which I feel have only given me a greater depth of character, and a more colourful personality, so as to serve not only God in a greater capacity, but also His people. I believe that it more sharply defines understanding of suffering if one has known suffered.

I have gained a greater understanding of humanities frailties and failings through my own such failings. I believe that from great hardship one can gain great strength. Certainly within me has become engrained a deep desire to help other people who are approaching, entering, or going through such dark places where I have been. If, through my understanding, I can give to others even a pinprick of a glimpse of the glorious light of God, then it is a great thing. I have a long way to go on my journey with God, and there are many pages yet to fill in my own personal book of life, but from where I have been in the past, I have come a long way, praise Christ our Lord.

I will conclude by kindly asking that you may please pray that my truth may continue unfolding so that I may ever more steadfastly approach my Lord Jesus Christ in servitude. All glory to God.

Join Shane and begin your training to get ordained for ministry in a way that you will feel great about.

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