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My name is Melita Prosise-Riley, and I am receiving a further college education at CLI and CLI. I live in Virginia in the United States of America. I was born in Stony Creek, Virginia, to Katherine Prosise and James Robinson. Out of separate unions, I have an older brother and a younger brother. We didn’t have much growing up, but my mom did the best she could. We also had close ties with my father’s family.

Though my mother took us to church occasionally, the majority of my memories of church exposure were with my grandmother and my aunt on my dad’s side. We went to church every Sunday during the summers that we visited, but there was no other participation. At the age of 13, I received baptism. However, I did not completely understand what that meant at the time.

God’s Grace

I was a wild child and did things I had no business doing. Thankfully, nothing so severe that I was arrested. I have never been arrested or gotten into any legal trouble other than some traffic violations.

I attended a technical college, Beta Tech, for one year and achieved a Diploma for Computer Administrative work. Up until this point, I worked mostly in customer service or food service. It is entirely by God’s grace that I am called into ministry.

Though my mom didn’t always take us to church, she was a believer as long as I can remember. She was a prayer warrior who prayed for her children through the toughest struggles. She loved her children and prayed for us.

My Unconventional Call to Ministry and My Church Home

This calling from God on my life began nine years ago. On a July day, I answered an altar call at Mt. Gilead Full Gospel Ministries. The Spirit led me to surrender that day. However, I had no idea that the calling would bring me along so quickly and even less of an idea that it would be to Parham Road Baptist Church (PRBC).

Since being a member at PRBC, my ministry of music has been used by God to touch and bring change in the hearts of the congregation. My experience at PRBC was also an integral part of the healing process I needed to move forward in God’s calling into Kingdom work. I have attended PRBC since October 2011 and received rebaptism on August 6, 2012. I participate in the choir and previously assisted with Friday Night Lights.

My Ministry Service 

More recently, I began a journey with WHAM to teach the children the Word of God. Members asked me to participate in the auditing and music committee. I will conduct a morning assembly beginning in January. Also, currently, I have an article published in the church’s monthly newsletter.

My previous work was at Lakeside Baptist Church, where I was employed as Administrator/Daycare Bookkeeper and served as worship planner/leader for the Wednesday night contemporary service. These opportunities are just the beginning of the hands-on portion of my ministry training. The more I write, the more I see the blessing of the opportunities that have been given me by God.

Additional Ministry Work

In addition to the above experiences, I have also had the privilege to participate with several other non-profits and ministries:
Real Chances, Inc., – where I volunteered as an administrative advisor, taught computer classes, facilitated meetings and gatherings, cooked for and transported residents, and assisted with building upkeep.
The Nehemiah Project – where I served as secretary on the board of directors, and also served in several areas as needed during the yearly festival, Hope Fest.
Juvenile Detention Centers – where I served as a worship leader, group facilitator, and speaker.

My Desire For Further College Education

I had hoped to return to college to pursue a degree in Christian Counseling and Care and Biblical Studies. I chose Christian Counseling because I have been in a healing process. My experiences will be useful tools later in helping to identify with and help others through their healing process.

I am so grateful for the further college education opportunity given by the Christian Leaders Institute and CLI’s Leadership Excellence School.CLI offers a further college education to explore and expand the work of God’s Kingdom. I am eager to learn and see what will be the next phase of this ministry journey.

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