front lines of revival

God is calling soldiers to the front lines of revival in America. Some of these are soldiers only on the spiritual battlefield. Others, like Ronald Williams, are familiar with fighting on the front lines.

Because Ronald went through months of training to fight in a physical war, he recognizes his need for spiritual training as he goes to the front lines of revival. Christian Leaders Institute lets him get all the training he needs to be an effective witness for Jesus in the communities he wants to serve.

My name is Ronald Williams I’m 36 years old. I was in the U.S. Army for eight years during that time I did two tours in Iraq. During my last deployment, I was hit by a roadside bomb that placed in the burn unit at Fort Sam Houston, TX. for four months. I returned to complete my last tour in Iraq I met my wonderful wife Loni she was in the Army as well. Our story sounds like an old WWII love story. We have a large blended family with seven children between us 2 with her ex, 3 with my ex, and two together. During my time in the burn unit, I saw what a lot of other soldiers was going through, and it was far worse than my own. I started getting the calling when I look back and see how lucky I was to live through the blast, and I figured that there must be a higher calling for my family and me. During my time in the Army, I received many medals including a purple heart.

I plan to use this training to spread the wonderful word of Jesus to as many injured service members as I can. I also intend to start my own church and teach other to follow Jesus and teach them to make Jesus a daily part of their family and not just a Sunday morning gathering. I want people to understand that Jesus needs to be to largest part of their family and teach the whole family to be in this world, but they don’t have to be of this world.

One of the best things about me going through this program is that I will be getting formal training. I think that with a better understanding, I will be able to lead more people to Jesus. I also believe that if I’m better trained, I can teach families how to better serve Jesus, their family, the church and the community.

It’s a great blessing to be able to help train those that God is calling to the front lines of revival. We at CLI hope and pray that Ronald will bless many injured service members and make a great impact for God.

If you need spiritual training to be a soldier in God’s revival, click this link to enroll in classes now!

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