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Yunus Mohamed is on fire to bring revival to the country of Tanzania! Many in this country haven’t even heard the gospel of Christ yet. They’re deeply rooted in the ancient African religions, where they think they have hope and power. But Yunus Mohamed knows that hope and power come only through knowing Jesus Christ!

Praise the Lord saints! My name is Yunus Mohamed and I live in the country of Tanzania which is found in East Africa. I was born in the year 1990 as a second child of my mother who was among the three wives of my father. In the year 1997, my father died and left my mother as a widow. I lived with my mother while pursuing my studies from primary school up to high school.

In the year 2008, my mother, who was a Roman Catholic before married to my father, turned back to Christianity and was born again. The next year,2009, I also received Jesus as my personal saviour and Lord. It was the happiest moment in my life as the Lord spoke to me and told me that He has called me into His family. I also received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in the same year. My thirsty of seeking the Lord was increased and then the Lord spoke to me again and told me to serve Him as a pastor.

Due to that reason, I tried to search for the Bible colleges which provide biblical teachings, and found many of them. I once joined one college and study for two semesters and failed to continue with studies due to lack of finacnes to pay school fees. I returned back to home and tried to seek the will of God on my ministerial training. It happened that, one day when I was searching on the internet, I managed to meet with Christian Leaders Institute. I was very happy to see that I can get the training free of charge.

My dream is to be a servant of God who will bring revival in my country Tanzania. This is because there are lot of areas which have not yet reached by gospel ministers. Darkness is still reigning in their hearts; therefore, I need to reach those souls for harvest. I also need to work with Christ in preparing His church ready for His coming for the time is very near. My local church has supported me in my ministry by nurturing me in my daily walk with God. My family is also supporting me in my ministry by continual prayer and encouragement.

A scholarship with CLI is very important to me as it will help me to acquire ministerial training that will be helpful in my ministry. This is due to the fact that I do not have money to pay for a college, but CLI is a door to my ministerial dreams.

I really need your prayer so that the Lord will help me to get the area for opening the church, the musical instruments, and also the power of the Holy Spirit to continue flowing upon me so that I may minister effectively.

Are you excited about bringing revival to a nation where many have yet to hear the good news of Jesus? Do you feel that God is calling you to bring revival to your nation? If you’re one of the revival leaders that God is raising up around the world, Christian Leaders Institute provides the ministry training you need without the seminary costs you can’t afford. Click here to enroll in classes today!

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