From Chinese Atheist to Called Christian Leader

From Chinese Atheist to Called Christian Leader

My name is Lynn Beran. I am married with a son and live in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

My journey toward Jesus Christ began at Peking University, the top ranked college in China like Harvard in the USA, for my first college degree in philosophy with a major and concentration in worldwide religion. At that time, I was an atheist. The purpose of concentration in religion was to study history and theory of major religions so that graduates could help government communicate with believers and churches. My internship was to investigate the growth and influence of Christianity in Fujian, a southern province. After graduation, I worked as a policy analyst for Family Planning Committee of Central Government, like the Federal government in the USA, for three years. Although I attended churches as an observer, I was fond of Christianity compared to all other religions.

Before coming to the USA, I lived in Singapore for about three years. I worked as a kindergarten teacher for a year. One of my co-workers graduated from Theology College, and her husband was a Christian church pastor. She invited me to her church, and I went. Having been an atheist all my life, I had never thought it was possible to believe in God. It was then that I started to feel the possibility to become Christian.

My journey continued to bring me to Northwestern University for computer major. I was immediately surrounded by campus evangelists, which I didn’t know then. They didn’t preach at all but simply provided us with the help and warmth that a new immigrant desperately needs. After being friends with them for over two years, I felt God’s calling and decided to become Christian and get baptised in spring 2000.

Through all these years as a Christian, I wondered from time to time what God’s calling is for me. I also from time to time toyed with the idea of becoming a missionary to Chinese people in China or around the world after I retire. Last week in my car on my way home when I listened to the Christian radio station, I heard that in China there is a great shortage of ordained pastors, which prompted the questions to me: how should I prepare myself to become a missionary? What are the requirements to be ordained? When I searched online for the answers, I found the link to Christian Leaders Institute. I had wished I could have the opportunity to study Christianity as a believer. I am drawn to study The Word. I am still not sure what God’s calling is for me. However, Church Planter seems to touch me most.

The fact that I was an atheist and am a believer is amazing to experience. I am very grateful for God’s mercy, grace, and all the blessings. I hope more Chinese can hear the good news and be saved.

When I was baptized in 2001, I joined a non-denominational Christian church. My husband was born into a Catholic family and has been a Catholic all his life. Although, in my eyes, we have always believed we have the same belief since we believe in the same Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, my husband was always concerned about my non-denominational Christian faith. To ease his concern, I was converted to Catholic in August this year, just in time to go to Philadelphia to see The Pope. .

I hope you can pray for me for God’s wisdom to know what God’s calling is for my life. I also hope you can pray for me for stronger faith.

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