Free St. Louis Ministry Training

Free St. Louis Ministry Training

My name is Carl Meyer, I am a 45 year old husband, with 3 one son and two daughter’s.My wife and I live in St.Louis Mo.I have been in the hospital of recent for ammonia.And now have Stiils disease.The result is severe arthritis.

I have always believed in Bible, and prayer ,and the Holy Spirit ,Jesus Christ our Lord ,and Holy Spirit.They tell Me in the hospital I should of passed.And I did not.For I am a fighter.God has taking a new place in my life, and my world.

Reading and studying the bible dailyI feal in my heart it is changing Me.I have no more anger at the world, our in the world.

I view the world in a different way now of peace and happiness. God has new plan’s for Me and did not let me pass.

I believe God want’s me to pursue education in his plan and love. I work at a grocery store were I have been for 20 plus years.And now that I have become to study God’s word through CLI, My family has become very surportive. A scholariship through CLI is important because it will allow me to study no matter were I am. I feel that the staff of CLI leaders will bring the word of God to the World and so can I.  My church is a larger church and is somewhat new. I hope the Holy Spirit can guide Me on this journey.