Educated about God

Educated about God

My name is Leslie and I live in the USA; I’ve never been in ministry so I am unsure how to tell you what it’s like to do ministry in my country. There are usually churches in every county and city, though.

I’ve known the Lord as far back as I can remember, I even remember crawling around on the church floor when I was a baby.
My ministry dream? Well..I want to know the Lord better and help others find the Lord as well. I want to be a better person; I want God to look down on me and be proud of me.

I identify more with the word evangelist because I really want to help others learn about God and come to know him and make him the main thing in their life.

I decided to do this because I just realized I am not the best I can be for God, and I need his help to fix me if I am going to help others fix themselves.

A scholarship to CLI is important to me because I want/need to be educated about God, I want to know God and all about him, I’ve never wanted something so much in my entire life than this.

I just ask everyone to pray that I learn all that I can, that I become closer to God, and that I find the words that I need when talking to others about God.

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