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Free Online Ministry Training with Christian Leaders Institute

Christian Leaders Institute provides all the tools necessary to equip those called by God to become a pastor, a minister, church planter, missionary, evangelist. Whatever ministry area you are led to go into, CLI can train you with our free online ministry training. Free doesn’t mean lack of quality. The professors of CLI have put together many courses from what they received with their seminary education. The courses have been made top notch and filled with nothing less than high quality education for you as a student of Christian Leaders Institute.

Here is a testimony from one of our dearest students of CLI taking full use of the free online ministry training we provide.

Arianna Found Free Online Ministry Training A Blessing

“My name is Arianna. I currently live in Michigan, USA with my husband Mike.
I am originally from the United Kingdom, although I immigrated to the USA in 2001. I was the only child of my English father and Persian mother.

My father was a business consultant and my mother was a stay at home mom. I led a privilege upbringing in many ways, materialistically, although neither of my parents were Christians. Due to cultural differences and emotional traumas in both of my parents lives, my childhood was very intense.

I was living in Saudi Arabia when I was saved, due to my fathers work at the time. My mother had some Persian friends and the lady was formerly a Muslim, who had converted to Christianity. Her and her husband were running an underground church in Jeddah at the time. They invited myself and my mother to their house church. It was there I heard about Jesus and having a personal relationship with him. I gave my life to Jesus at 15yrs old and was baptized in a swimming pool in Saudi Arabia.

For many years after my initial salvation, I struggled in my walk with God but at the age of 25 years old, God took hold of me and supernaturally healed me, both physically and emotionally from a number of debilitating issues. Jesus loved me back to life!

As a result of this experience and the great privilege of leading my father to the Lord 24 hours before he died of cancer, in Dubai, this has inspired a huge passion in me to see others come to know the healing, restoring love of God. I consider my core strengths to be in evangelism, teaching and intercession.

I am currently pursuing my dream of being a mentor/minister of the Good News of the Gospel. Myself and my husband have a plan to start a local Christian Mentoring Center in our community that helps those whose society and Governmental systems have been unable to help. We seek to provide any persons looking to better their current situation, with quality education, skills, mentoring and encouragement. We believe, that by showing the Goodness of God to people in our community and being a model of Christ to them, we will ultimately win souls automatically and produce sustainable, long term Christian disciples.

Eventually we would like to see these Centers set up in other communities and Globally.

Our local Pastor has been very supportive in encouraging us in our vision. However, the resources necessary for full ministry training were not available to us on a local level. Credible Christian Seminaries were all hundreds of miles away, which was not conducive for work and business, not to mention they were extremely expensive.

As a result we felt limited in our ability to move forward with our vision. We desire to be a couple of character excellence, credible and accountable. We both felt called to minister but we also believed that it was also important to be credibility trained in our respective callings.

I began looking online for alternatives to expensive seminary training. I looked for a long time and stumbled across Christian Leaders Institute. I was intrigued. After all, how good could FREE online ministry training be?

After doing my research and looking into the credibility and training of the provost and the other professors and discovering they were all legitimate, I was more at ease. Christian Leaders Institute website is fully functional, easy to navigate, with a great back office. The quality of the courses is indeed, as they stated, equal to Seminary style education. The fact that Christian Leaders Institute makes it easy to study, by using videos, as well as free course material is fantastic.

Overall, I have to say that I am more than pleased with my experience with Christian Leaders Institute so far. I would be happy to recommend them to anyone looking for free online ministry training. I have mentioned them to several of my friends and my pastor at church is looking at using them to train congregants who wish to pursue a ministry vocation.

I just completed the Basic Christian Leaders Institute course and I am looking forward to pursuing my next one.

I anticipate a long, happy lasting relationship with Christian Leaders Institute and am so eternally grateful that this resource was available. What a wonderful vision for the Body of Christ and for those wanting to pursue their ministry dreams, but up until now, not being able to because of finances, time or location was a hindrance.

Thank you to Christian Leaders Institute for your hard work and dedication to excellent education being available to all, for free! Bless you!”

 Is Free Online Ministry Training Needed By You

Sign up now for free online ministry training by clicking here. Find for yourself the high quality education CLI provides in helping you with your ministry dreams or to even just better your understanding for your own personal walk with the Lord.

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