Free Ministry Training in Ghana

Free Ministry Training in Ghana

Christian Leaders Institute offers free ministry training in Ghana online. This free ministry training in Ghana begins when someone enrolls in the getting started class at Christian Leaders Institute. Once finished with this class students graduate with their first certificate, a Christian Leaders Basic Certificate, which they can print out. This free ministry training in Ghana includes certificates and diplomas up to 90 credit hours of high quality ministry education.

Thousands have signed up in Ghana. Here is the testimony of one such student.

My name is Evans Kwaku Owusu-Sakyi and Ghana is my country where I live. There are Christians, Muslims, and some who practice idol worship here. In all, the Christian religion dominates and the people of Ghana are God fearing. I gave my life to Christ Jesus after hearing His words and believing in Him, I realized that I was lost and needed a savior. I confessed my sins and accepted Christ Jesus as my Lord and personal savior.

I started going to church and was baptized by immersion into Christ Jesus. I attended church on Sundays but wasn’t involved in any church activities. At a certain point I stopped going to church and started enjoying life, which resulted in a sinful life, but I didn’t care if God minded. Life wasn’t easy because I lived however I wanted with no objectives in mind. I smoked, drank, and was immoral because it made me enjoy life and I was proud of it. I didn’t know that before God formed me in my mothers’ womb He knew me and had a purpose for my life. He had a vision and a mission for me to accomplish on earth.

I have come to realize that no matter how stubborn one may be on earth, God can turn their life around in the twinkle of an eye, if He wishes.

With me it began with dreams and revelations. I saw myself preaching, casting out demons and healing the sick. I consulted a Christian woman in my area who interpreted my dreams and told me that God had a purpose for me and would use me if I gave myself to Him.

She introduced me to their pastor and as they prayed for me God spoke to me and them about my future. He gave me powerful visions regarding His plans for  me and then anointed me with His power for this calling. Since that day of deliverance the Holy Spirit has been my constant companion and I have purposed to walk in His truth and be obedient to God in all that I do.

I have studied and the Holy Spirit has taught me a lot about God’s ways. I have written books about God and believe He is calling me to plant churches and establish people in the faith.

This free ministry training in Ghana has enabled me to be equipped to fulfill my ministerial calling and help me to meet my ministry goals. My goals are:  to help people come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord, to help build His church, to see people healed and set free to live for Christ , and waiting for His appearing.

I would appreciate prayer for grace to fulfill the task that God has given me to do, to fulfill my God given mission.

Sign up now for free ministry training in Ghana by clicking this link. If you want to want to check out the donation website click here. 

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