Free Online Bible Education

Free Online Bible Education

My name is Lilly Thompson and I am receiving free online Bible education at Christian Leaders Institute. I am from Washington state in the USA. Growing up, I had an idea of who Jesus was and called myself a Christian. But the day I chose to believe and follow Jesus Christ came at me like a train out of nowhere. I did something that I had never thought I would do. I challenged God and his existence, daring Him to give me a sign. Out of all the things you could ask for, I made a deal on my middle school PE baseball game.“If you can make my team win within the last 5 minutes, then I’ll go home and read my Bible.” At this point, the other team was considerably ahead of my mine. I remember thinking that it would be impossible within the next play to turn it around and win the game. Yet, the most unlikely player to hit a home run ended up winning the game for us. Anyone who watches sports can say that that’s nothing. But to a 13-year-old, It was enough to convince me to read my Bible.

Flipping through the pages of the Student Bible my mother gave me, I can across a Salvation Prayer. I remember reading that prayer through the haze of my tears and feeling like whatever I had just done was going to change me for the rest of my life. I jumped at the chance to attend church with my friend every week after that point. Reflecting on all the trials I’ve been through in my life, I’m so grateful that I’ve had such a powerful and loving being by my side. Without the help and direction of my faith in the Father, I’m certain my attitude and outlook on life would be considerably different.

While I do believe that my faith has strengthened me into a better and stronger person. I often tend to struggle with balancing my faith and a very fast-paced and hectic life. Christian Leaders Institute is a tool that will make me schedule in studies. CLI has resources that deepen my Bible study which will greatly improve my personal studies. It’s easy to stay distracted, especially when our days seem to slip out of our fingers faster than a handful of water. Having deadlines on my free online Bible education will keep those things in the back of my mind and hold me accountable for getting them done. Not just that, but engaging my mind in studies and reading assignments and essays will allow me to keep those skills I don’t use on a daily basis at work.

In all, I’m looking forward to seeing where my studies take me, whether I use the knowledge for myself and my family or take the certificates at the end and volunteer my time at my local church. Having this opportunity and coming across CLI is a blessing from God all on it own.

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