Free Ministry Training Dream

Free Ministry Training Dream

I am Bonnie Fluellen from Columbus, Georgia in the United States of America. I have a free ministry training dream and desire to serve the Lord in ministry. I’m the third of four children. I was born in 1980 in Columbus, Georgia. My parents were not involved in taking us to church. My father had knowledge of who God was. He became a minister while being incarcerated. But after being released, he denied his calling. We grew up in a home without my father so my mother had to support us on her own. That was not easy especially with four children.

When I was a young girl, I would find my way to different churches on my own and I would take my sister with me. I’ve always had a passion for Jesus. I can remember the times that I would ride 35 minutes to a small country town to attend service on Sundays and Wednesdays. The deacon would pick us up with the church van and drop us back off. My mother never learned how to drive so we never had transportation. On the way to church, I would often pray that the Sunday school teacher wouldn’t be able to make it so that I would be able to teach the class.

Once I started to acknowledge who God was and get more understanding I was amazed, and at that time something started happening in my life that I knew wasn’t normal. The Lord was calling me. For many years, I tried to run from the voice of God. But then I started to realize that I was shackled to the gospel. I couldn’t get away if I wanted to.

I started to attend different denominational churches. I recall that I was attending a Pentecostal church with my aunt, and when the Pastor would preach it would do something to me. Then I started witnessing miracles and people being filled with the Holy Spirit. That’s when I realized the spiritual gifts and the power of God. Jesus changed my life forever. I knew this is where I belonged. I was being called to be a servant of God in his house. I began to develop a relationship with God putting him in control of my life. Following the Holy Spirit as he led me in the path of righteousness.

The pastor of my church began to let me do devotions and exhortations, and this is when my gift of ministering the gospel was born. The Lord let me go through different trials and tribulations to have the testimonies in my life to be able to relate to many different people. The Lord blessed me with the gift of prophecy to be able to speak to the people and bring them closer to God to edify the body of Christ. All the honor and all the praise go to the God Most High. The Lord changed my life and for that I am grateful. This has given me the strength to help others on their journey with Christ.

This scholarship with Christian Leaders Institute would be a blessing for me in my free ministry training dream. In this world, credentials are needed along with being educated in the word and wisdom of God. This will be a testimony of my faith in knowing that God is a provider and will do what is needed to equip the saints. Thank you, and I will continue to pray for Christian Leaders Institute’s founders, instructors, donors, and students on this path to being successful in the ministry.

Learn about local ecuministry ordination at Christian Leaders Alliance.

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