Free Ministry Starting Courses - Cliff's Story

Student Cliff Gonzalez enrolled at Christian Leaders Institute to fulfill his dreams of starting a ministry! Free Ministry Starting courses are helping Cliff achieve his goals and dreams! Here is his story…

Free Ministry Starting Courses – Cliff’s Story

Hi my name is Cliff Gonzalez, I am 46 yrs old and reside in the United States, along with my beautiful wife and three children. I was raised in a Christian home, my parents introduced me and my three siblings to God at birth. I dream of an online ministry (for starters) that reaches all over the world. I would love to spread the word of God, hold bible studies and prayer sessions, give marriage advise/counseling to people all over the world.
As I have gotten older and wiser, I have felt this calling, this need to learn more, be more for my family, friends and fellow man. I want them all to experience that happiness and love, that the Lord has planted in my heart. How empowering it makes you feel when you allow the Holy Spirit to guide you in all your decisions. How no matter how difficult times may seem, there is always greatness to look forward to …hope.
I friends and family have supported me, but most important of all my wife has been behind me all the way. Without her support I would not have been able to accomplish all that I have accomplished. My siblings are also religious, so they also have been of great support with my calling.
A scholarship from C.L.I. would be such a blessing for me because I would love to make all these dreams of starting a ministry, a reality. I request for prayers so that one day my ministry comes to be, prayers for the Holy Spirit to continue to guide me, prayers that I maintain my heart open so I can hear our Lord speak to me, prayers of gratitude for all the blessings God has given me, prayers for me to be strong and fall into temptations, prayers for God to speak and work through me.
Thank you C.L.I., I am very grateful for this opportunity and God Bless you all!


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