Free Africa Ministry Training - Simon's Story

Christian Leaders Institute’s student Simon Twine enrolled at CLI to utilize Free Africa Ministry Training to start a ministry in his small African village. Here is his story…

Free Africa Ministry Training – Simon’s Story

My names are Simon Twine, age 33 and I am a married man. A pastor of a church called Jesus Christ Is Lord Worship Centre, in a village called Butaleja which is found in Eastern Uganda that is East Africa. I am a Ugandan by nationality. Jesus Christ is the Lord of my life and I have known the Holy Spirit for about 15 years I got to know him when i was still in secondary school. It’s such a great feeling to know what you are created for. Life starts to have a lot of meaning.

1. To God be the Glory. I am a Ugandan by Nationality, Which is known as the pearl of Africa. I am living in Uganda in the capital city called Kampala. Uganda has had different level of transformation in leadership from the 60s which affected born again Christian because they were being persecuted because of their faith. Now there is freedom of worship and we have seen grate Evangelists, servant of God visiting the nation. Although much is still required to do the work of God.

2. Since my childhood there has been this Grace of God upon my life of having that fact or awareness that God is real. So one time, I was taken to church by my aunt and I felt that sense of belonging in the house of God. Ever since than I have loved being taught the word of God and now I understanding that Jesus Christ the Anointed one is my Saver.

3. I may have to be specific; the Lord has called me to be a light that shines out for others to see for His only Glory. (Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shines before men that they may see your moral excellence and your praiseworthy, noble, and good deeds and recognize and honor and praise and glorify your Father Who is in heaven.)

4. I should be identified as a Pastor at the moment, because I have sheep to take care of, which were given to me by the Lord. And it’s in my divine calling to oversee some Christian believes, helping them grow into strong spiritual man and woman of God.

5. The key experience in my life for ministry lies in my individual life with God. Whereby I have gone through silent moments inspired by God to a point of understanding His divine calling upon my life that’s to say that I am a vessel of honor, and the responsibility that is a head me to influence His children in and out of the world to know who He Is to them.

6. The church I pastor I located in eastern Ugandan, in a place called Butaleja which is well known for strong traditional beliefs which include a lot of witchcraft practice and populated with Muslims. To add to that challenges here also include; people being primitive of the Word of God even to some Christians, They follow Christ and believe in witchcraft as well plus it being a village which is 5 hours’ drive from the capital city with bad road network.

7. They stand with me in prayer and encouraging the believers to continue standing with me so that the work of God goes on. Some of them have provide me with study materials that’s to good Christian books to help me learn more about ministry.

8. My family stands with me through the challenges of ministering since my church is a long way from my home. They also prayer for the ministry for God to use it to reach many people in the community.

9. Having a ministry in an African village, in a 3rd world country, is very challenging. Most people are not educated to the basic level, but yet I am called to do the work of God in them. As an individual, I don’t have that Christian leadership knowledge besides that divine call upon my life and I couldn’t even support myself through any bible school. Yet I passionately desire to learn more. For that cause, when I got to know about CLI, i joined immediately.

So training me, means training a village to impact the nation.

10. What an opportunity of having brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus standing with in from thousands of miles away. It’s my kind request to officially ask of you to join us in praying for the work God that He has trusted us with to accomplish in the village of Butaleja. Asking the Lord to facilitate and establish us fully as vessels of honor for His own Glory.


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