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My name is Keith Alan Aviles and I live in the USA. Michigan to be exact. Not many of my friends believed in God at all. Some even told me things like “I’m starting to believe a little”. But then when I would ask how often they prayed, they would tell me they don’t have to pray. I came to find the Lord around age 19. (I’m 21 now) When I was 15 I lost my big brother to drugs. I always looked up to him. I started getting into some stuff myself that I really didn’t want to be a part of. I even cursed at God for taking my brother. The more and more I read the Bible, it kept pulling me in. I read a book on fasting and I decided to go on a 10 day fast. During this fast I felt so close to God its unexplainable. I felt his presence and love all around me. Without God I don’t know where I would be. Through months and months of prayer and slowly learning about Him, I decided I would pursue my thirst for knowledge by going to school. That’s where I found this amazing free school. I thought to myself, how awesome would it be to become a Pastor. Be able to preach about God every day, help others in their journey to the Kingdom of God. I would also be surrounded by positive, Christ loving people.

I have only been to church a few times as a kid. I didn’t know any better then and wasn’t very interested. My family always believed in Jesus and pray once in awhile today. But they never had taken us to church, nor did they teach us kids about God. So I took it upon myself to learn all I could about our great Almighty Savior. That way I could teach not only my family, but any who do not already follow this Great Lord of ours. It is definitely a challenge to preach or bring up the Lord where I am at. This place is full of sinners, people who won’t give you the time of day to talk to them about Jesus. They would rather get drunk and cause as much problems as possible. They actually think it’s cool to go to jail! So all we can do is pray for people like that and hope God himself can change their life around.

This free ministry bible school is very important to me. It took me 2 extra years to get my Diploma from High School. I was a trouble maker and didn’t do my work. No one thought I was going to graduate, not even my mom. But I wanted to prove that I could do it, so I got serious and made up all my credits. I finally got my diploma and everyone was surprised. Going to school here for free through your free ministry bible school program is the greatest opportunity for me ever. I was never good in school because I never could focus. I never liked it. But this is something I love, and through it I have already been getting almost all 100%! So if everyone would pray for me so I can achieve my goals, spread the word of God, and increase my knowledge on how to help others, I would be so grateful. Thank you CLI for your free ministry bible school. God bless all of you in your journeys to increase your spirituality and get closer to our God and His Kingdom of Heaven.

If you are interested in taking bible Training into local ordination click here to find out more details. Enjoy the comfort of being able to train in ministry with CLI’s free ministry bible school online and set yourself a part for the Lord!

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