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My name is Zachary Schmoll. I live in Orange, Vermont. Currently I am an insurance underwriter by day. I am also studying online to get my Master of Arts in Apologetics from Houston Baptist University with an anticipated graduation of May 2016. I love apologetics! I think it is my most appropriate ministry. But I was looking for a structured way to reinforce my theological biblical studies background a little bit. That is how I came to find the Christian Leaders Institute.

I have been a Christian for most of my life, but I began to take faith more seriously in my senior year of college. I had a friend who would challenge me on the fundamentals of the Christian faith which I had always taken for granted. Being from a Christian home, a lot of these things were simply what we believed. I never had a legitimate, intellectual challenge to my faith up until that point.

It was at that point that I began to develop an interest in apologetics biblical studies. I began to read a variety of books and watching a variety of debates to learn that Christianity actually has an incredibly robust intellectual history that has yet to suffer defeat at the hands of any other worldview. From that point of entry, everything kind of advanced to the point where I am now enrolled in graduate school and learning how to earnestly contend for the Christian faith.

I was an accounting and statistics undergraduate, so I do not have a traditional biblical studies background. Being raised in the church, I have received quite a bit of scriptural teaching over the years. However, that is different than the type of training that you receive through a Bible college with their biblical studies. At the same time, I am not in a position where I can afford to pay for two complete degree programs simultaneously to get the Biblical Studies background that I would like to have to more strongly reinforce my apologetics training. That is why Christian Leaders Institute and their biblical studies program is so valuable for me. I am able to do both and ultimately become a better apologist because of this opportunity.

It is interesting to think about where these biblical studies is going to lead me. Many apologists go into writing, and I also have proceeded in that direction through my own personal blog and contributing to a variety of websites around the Internet. I hope that greater education will obviously make my writing that much more compelling and impactful.

Vermont is an interesting place to be in apologetics. It is the least churched state in America, and I suppose that provides quite a bit of potential opportunity. We do not have very many apologetic ministries specifically in Vermont, so that might be a niche where I can slide the gifts I have been given into.

Overall, the Christian Leaders Institute is an excellent biblical studies program that I am hoping to use as a supplement to the incredible apologetic training I am receiving from Houston Baptist University.

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