Free Pastor Training – Christian Leaders Institute is seeking to deliver high quality online minister training. For those who finish the free getting started class and are accepted into CLI, you will receive Bible School or Seminary style ministry training, but this training will be delivered online.  CLI offers over 20 advanced Bible College courses. One of the courses is “Church and Ministry” Many issues of the day to day work of a pastor are addressed in this minister training course.

We ask students to write a final reflection paper in this Church and Ministry course. See how free pastor training is reflected upon by this Henry Long of Nigeria. Free minister Training

Henry Long Writes:

“First and foremost, I must thank God for bringing me in contact with CLI. The day I enrolled with CLI marked the beginning of something glorious and beautiful in my life and ministry.

During the course of this free minister training,  I have learned so many things and will just briefly highlight some of them:

How to effectively run a small group of volunteers. How to determine the agenda of the group and how the needs of the members of the group can be met.

How to handle grief. This was evident when a particular friend of mine was overwhelmed and she broke down in tears. Before CLI, I would have started saying words like “Don’t cry”, “Don’t shed tears”, but learning the stages of grief  and how hot handle the grieving, I was able to handle the friend and at the end of her grieving period, she came to say thank you to me for the way I handle the period.

I learnt that a great leader must always train a successor so the ministry won’t die when the founder goes to the world beyond.

Also, I have realized that the most treasured gift we can ever have as a leader or pastor is the relationship that comes our way every moment, because the way we treat people is a sermon on its own.

One area that I really have great interest in is evangelism. I have personally come to understand that evangelism plays a key part in the advancement of the kingdom of Christ. I love Lee Strobel’s video on the different styles of sharing the gospel. To help me in sharing the gospel the more, I started daily blackberry devotionals that I share with all my contacts and I can say that the Almighty God has been touching souls via that medium.

My understanding of hospitality improved when I went through the Hospitality class session. I now understand that the Jesus some people will only see is the Jesus we show them through the way we treat other people.

On a final note, I feel really satisfied and glad to have enrolled with CLI to receive this free minister training.  I can really say that once I thought I knew, but with CLI, I now know better.”

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