Ford Johnson –

“I live in Nigeria and doing ministry here is highly competitive especially for starters like us who may not have the fund to start. Nigeria as a country varies in different States and the State where I reside which is Calabar in Cross River State has the highest cost of living and as such it makes it cost expensive for upcoming Ministers like us.

“I had just returned from Libreville and resumed school in Umuahia Abia State Nigeria at Holy Ghost Secondary School. On the 25th of November 1994, I had been longing for something which I personally did not really know, but the only word which I can use to describe it was a vast void. As I walked into the hall of Scripture Union School Fellowship Nigeria that afternoon, I was amazed to see a boy of about my age preaching the gospel and for sure that was my first time of ever seeing that. Within moment I was convicted and I gave my life to Jesus Christ at the age of 14, then I was in my JSS class.

“My ministry dream is to build a Christian center that will center on prayer and the word. It will be like a fellowship center for all churches and all believers. Our meetings will be held during the week and not on a Sunday morning but once a week and a monthly interdenominational outreach program. It will also have an outreach that will major on Evangelism and crusades for rural areas. We will also partner with NGO’s for rural development. However our Vision is to see the body of Christ come to the knowledge that we are one body.”Ford Johnson

Ford Johnson Receives a Scholarship

“It will give me a legitimate platform as a minister of the Gospel. And this is what I have longed for, for over ten years. Having the call of God in my life is not enough, but it is important that I undergo training that will enlighten me in discipline, improve my language skills, and give me the ministerial exposure and training I need for proper scriptural exposition. Truthfully, it will set me up and make me ready to serve God and humanity.

“I would like you to pray for me in three things: For God to give me the financial support I need to start, for God to give me the right boldness to preach the end time massages He wants me to preach, and that I will be duly empowered by Him.”

Ford Johnson has desired to follow the call of God to ministry for several years, but has not had the means to do so. Because of various factors in the area where Ford Johnson resides, it is difficult for a new pastor to enter the ministry scene. However, Ford Johnson has not given up his dream of ministry because of this. Ford Johnson knows that God has called him to the ministry field and that he cannot give up that calling. In searching for a means to pursue the calling, Ford Johnson came to Christian Leaders Institute, where a scholarship will give him the training he needs at no cost to him.

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