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I’ve been blessed to be a part of a wonderful congregation that is supporting me with mentoring, prayer, and opportunities to serve. While Christian Leaders Institute’s free internet bible training is extremely important to me becoming a minister. It will give me a solid theological foundation to do ministry from. I will forever be grateful for the ability to learn through this wonderful college with their free internet bible training.”      – Shane Tebeck, student of CLI’s free internet bible training college

Free Internet Bible Training Is Equipping The Nations Worldwide- One CLI Students Journey in Ministry and Through Biblical Education

My name is Shane Tebeck, and I live in the USA. I came to know Jesus in my heart as a kid, but I’ve come to really KNOW his voice and heart over the years.

A few years ago, I realized how much religion I had been walking under. I thought God was always ticked, and the kingdom seemed so far away. But God began opening my eyes to His goodness. I realized how good He really was for the first time. My life was radically changed! My new phrase is “God is good, and is in a good mood!” His goodness led me to seeing how powerful and free we are in Christ!

My ministry dream is to pastor people; equipping them to be powerful members of the kingdom of God, developing a culture of honor and freedom within the church.

I’ve always known I was called to do ministry, but throughout my walk, God has continued to confirm that call. One day, I was walking around feeling down. I asked the Lord to take me somewhere I have never been before. As I was walking, I came into a cemetery where I found a bench to sulk. At the time, I didn’t realize that I didnt know the cemetery existed until I stumbled upon it that day. While sitting there looking out at the many graves, I had a vision where I saw a bunch of people standing by the graves. Then I heard God say “very few people know me in Portland (my city), what are you going to do about it?”

The people disappeared and everything went back to normal, but I was deeply changed. I started seeing everyone through the eyes of God. All that week I wanted to cry when I looked people in the eyes, and saw how lost and dazed they were. It was in the midst of my bad attitude that my perspective on people was completely transformed.  It’s easy to see people in their sin and woundedness, but God taught me to see much deeper.

The Pacific Northwest is particularly unchurched. It’s a place where people flaunt themselves and their lifestyles openly. There is no room here for empty religious cliches or elitist religious attitudes. In order to reach this area, one must be authentic and down to earth. One excellently redeemable thing about the region is its openness to spirituality. When they are open to encountering the love of God, He shows up and reveals himself as the Way to life.

The best prayers for me would be for strength, wisdom and understanding as I continue pursuing the Lord and ministry. I ask that he would shape my heart and mind to look more and more like his!

Christian Leaders Institute’s Free Internet Bible Training

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